Ms. Joe Bacon’s Debut book is a ‘Must Read’ for every woman

Ms. Joe Bacon’s Debut book is a ‘Must Read’ for every woman


This is a cute little self-help book for women by the first-time author Ms. Joe Bacon. She left us wanting to know more about the women that she interviewed, but I guess we must wait for the next book to get that info. I think she did a good job on her 1st time out by keeping me at least wanting more. Here is what she says about her book.

What made you want to become an author?
I want to become an author to tell stories that were close to me. Hoping that it helped someone else along the way.

What made you want to write this type of book?
I grew up in a household where the basics of each woman was the same because of the matriarch of the family. Each one had her deep dark secrets which made me want to explore other women to find out if just my family was crazy. lol

How did it feel doing research for you book?
I cried doing the research for this book and had a few laughs, but there were a few women that didn’t hold back and we had a 15-minute interview turn into hours. I love it.

Will you be writing another book soon?
Yes, I am hoping to do a male version of “30 things that scare women about themselves!”. I will write more in-depth about the men, since you are hard to figure out and women need to understand men more to give more.

You can pick up this quirky book on Amazon here

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