Industry certified Robert Terell is recognized as “The Industry’s TOP Choice” in global business entertainment, brand development, and brand management. Robert Terell ascent from unpaid intern to president, business expert, financial strategist, motivational speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur has aided him to take major steps forward to grow and develop emerging acts and teaching them how to arrive on the scene with a fresh and new perspective. We got an opportunity to interview him for our mag.

Robert Terell

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career.
Robert Terell : My career started in New York where I was born & raised. I started as an intern working at Tommy Boy records under the guidance and mentorship of then A&R –Kevin Maxwell. Eventually I learned a lot and moved on to work for several major labels and independent majors such as: Img/Warner Bros., Sleeping Bag/Def Jam, Blackground/Columbia, Bungalo/Universal. In various capacities including but not limited to: V.P. A&R, Regional Director, Marketing, Promotions. Road Manager etc.


Pro Media Mag : What was the inspiration behind launching Official Dealmaker?
Robert Terell : Well during my time at INgrooves/Fontana I did a lot of distribution deals and other types of deals on behalf of independent artists and or their labels. I did so many one year that one of my best friends and business colleagues starting saying all the time that I wasn’t just a dealmaker I was “THE OFFICIALDEALMAKER” and I would always laugh and say I kinda like that. So it stuck and everybody starting calling me that in the industry. So I trademarked it and it actually is not only my moniker but its also another one of my companies.


Pro Media Mag : What are the major services you provide to your clients?
Robert Terell : I call the main services we offer the 7 deadly WINS!!
• Management- Personal, Business, Brand, Social Media
• Consultation- Project Consultation and Project Management
• Distribution-
• Touring- Starlife Tours
• Brokering Services
• Marketing/Promotions
• Visual Branding


Pro Media Mag : You also launched wealth nation. It covers different fields than your other site ?
Robert Terell : Wealth Nation is a brand management and artist development company.


Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Robert Terell : Yes, I have and currently represent a few multi-platinum recording artists such as Silkk The Shocker, but I have yet to represent a “GRAMMY WINNER” not nominated but a talent who actually wins lol. So that’s one of my professional goals and to expand the brand more internationally. One of my goals also is to become a world renown motivational speaker and have a huge presence in the non-profit sector helping young men that are basically fatherless and also people who truly want to be successful entrepreneurs with their life.


Pro Media Mag : It seems you personally have some kind of love for music in your heart. That’s why you are trying to help out the music artists?
Robert Terell : Yes, I love music and everything about the process of producing, marketing, and distributing music. Music is good for your spirit and your soul, it literally can change someone’s life and even save it in some instances.


Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Robert Terell : If you have a dream in your heart , you’re truly passionate about it, and it just won’t go away, know that it’s there ON PURPOSE. God gave it to for a specific reason and you are here to fulfill and complete your destiny. You might run into some detours, some distractions, and have to reroute your life GPS sometimes to get back on track, that’s okay, as long as you ultimately reach your destination which is success as you define it doing what you love to do!

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