Meet The Most Influential Entrepreneur Ako Stark

Meet The Most Influential Entrepreneur Ako Stark

We are sharing our recent interview with YouTube celebrity and Entrepreneur Ako Stark.

Ako Stark

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Ako Stark : My name is Ako Stark, I am a Entrepreneur and social influencer. I am the creator of CryptoInTalk it is one of the largest cryptocurrency forums and also the YouTube channel with over 330k+ subscribers, Pranks Remastered.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into this industry?
Ako Stark :When I was in high school 11th grade. I had a friend who was making YouTube videos and he had about 5,000+ subscribers on his channel. He was good friend of my, at least I thought he was. I was intrigued by the fact that he was making $350 a month from google Adsense doing what he loved (Playing Video games). One day I came up to Loris and kindly asked for his help. I asked him to help me get started. To give me a shoutout boost and I would do the same in return after I get my legs in the field. Loris automatically rejected me and told me “You bring no value to me, so I will not help you.” I want out on my way and started my YouTube channel from 0. I made videos 1 a day for next 90 days I never missed a day and I spend quit a bit of time on producing these videos. I knew that I had the skills and everything so I kept going. In the process all my friends did not support what I was doing and thought it was stupid. Many also would reject the negative statements such as “Stop what your doing”, it’s stupid don’t do it. “yOUR NEVER GONNA MAKE MONEY FROM THIS”, Etc… After 90 days I had total of 30k channel views and about 96 subscribers or so. I was kind of upset by the results but I didn’t quit. I always knew I could accomplish something big, I knew that there was a proof of others succeeding so I told myself if they can succeed, I can succeed also. So I took 2 moths break. For next two months I was focused on KNOWLEDGE. I wanted to learn everything there was to know about being one of the best so I armed my self with the knowledge. I studied crowd behavior, psychology, strategies, Video optimization, YouTube SEO, Video marketing, Video editing, everything there was to know I learned it. I spent hours learning and after two months I was ready to apply everything that I learned. I made my very first video, which was APP video, through out the entire day it gained about 350 views which I would get with in a month on one video so I thought that was great, getting it in one day and I felt good about it, I felt that success was on its way. I could see it in my mind. That same night when I went to sleep. I woke up next morning, first thing I did was checked my YouTube channel and I freaked out in excietment. My video has hit 55k views and I had gained over 280 subscribers from it. That same day I went on making about 3 videos and ever since than I ended up staying consistent with my uploads. I formed a well structured channel that reached 18k subscribers in its first moth. I bypassed loris and he came to me for help after. I told him “I wasn’t good enough for you than and I am still the same person who is not good enough for you now”. He said I understand with a disappointing face and ever since than he never ended up bypassing 5k+ subscribers.

I averaged about $6k+ a month from my Adsense earnings + I was getting APP brand deals. On monthly contracts so I did really well as a 11th grader. Made my first 100k+ in jonior high.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of videos you normally share on your Youtube channel?
Ako Stark :My YouTube channel was a gaming channel and it was terminated at 180k subscribers due to a huge copy right law suit at the end of that 1st year. I was growing in rapid speed with my optimization strategies which put my videos ahead of the industry leaders.

Pro Media Mag : over 128 Million channel views on Youtube are huge numbers. You must be happy with the kind of response you are getting over there?
Ako Stark :I was super happy many of my fans could recognize my name.Especially in gaming community, I loved when I could provide a video solution to my fans problems as well as entertaining everyone who enjoyed the comedic voice overs.

Pro Media Mag : You are running two top Cryptocurrency forums CryptoInTalk and WebStarkMedia. Tell us more about these ?
Ako Stark :Before I started my YouTube channel I was introduced to cryptocurrency by my little brother who was a year younger than me. My brother is a computer engineer and software developer so he was familiarized with everything that had to do with technology. Most famous cryptocurrency was a Bitcoin back than and my brother believed that it was a currency that would have a value. So back than it was worth penny and couple bucks so, we bought some Bitcoin miners and we started to mine Bitcoins as well as Purchased them. I always kept my Bitcoins and hold on to them with he belief that it was gonna go up. I sold all my Bitcoins with the panic when it hit all time high few times. Last time I sold Bitcoins was at $1,200 all time high with the thought that it was gonna come crashing down, but understanding the the movements and future demand for the coin I started holding on ever since.

Idea of cryptointalk developed in 2017 when I WENT ON ONE OF THE Bitcoin forums where people were discussing the bitcoin mining and trading strategies and every information related to Bitcoin. Only one problem that all the forums looked extremely weird and did not had a comfortable user profile and forums were not as nice / modern also other forums did not had many other cryptocurrencies which there are over 900+ different cryptocurrencies. So I developed a forum where there were 50 different cryptocurrency communities. With news updates, community discussions, trading and more..

WebStarkMedia is something I developed with one of my great friend Gary Vela who is an entrepreneur and owner of one of the largest digital marketing companies in entire Volusia County with outstanding results. We have created this website where we have Local news, Business and entertainment for readers. Website is doing fantastic and is on its way to dominate in the field.

Pro Media Mag : Any advice for our readers who would like to be in Cryptocurrency trading?
Ako Stark : Before you enter the trades make sure you only enter when you fully understand why you’re starting and have a very clear strategy to work with. “Knowledge can only take you so far, after that you must apply it and grow from the experience.” – Ako Stark

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being an Entrepreneur?
Ako Stark: Having the opportunity to achieve things that seem impossible to others. The enjoyment of doing what you love to do and putting 100% efforts towards it.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Ako Stark : Choose something that you love or are good at. Don’t allow other people to tell you what you should do or what you should not do. Never make their opinions become your reality. People will doubt you, people will try to put you down, people will reject you but this is all part of the growth process. It is very important to stay focused on your goal and invest 100% of your efforts and work on it every single day till you achieve that goal.


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