Mark Alonzo Alexander – The Founder & CEO of IMYPATH

Mark Alonzo Alexander – The Founder & CEO of IMYPATH

Social media has become the essential element of today’s life and there are so many innovations related to social networking platforms. Some are bad, some good and some are really good. The one I’m discussing here is the one that belongs to the last one. Yes surely a really innovative and a unique in features kind of app has only recently been introduced. I have been searching for a new innovated social networking app for a long time.

After using the app I was wondering who could have thought about such a good social networking platform. And here what I came to know.

Mark Alonzo AlexanderMark Alonzo Alexander the CEO and founder of IMYPATH is the person who came up with such a great idea. He not only about creating the app but also the IMYPATH website staring in December 2014 to officially launching on all platforms October 2015. It took him a whole year to implement his idea to develop the app and finally he came out with something the world surely will be praising.
He wanted to create the ultimate platform that was simple for most people to use but was exclusive! A new way people would search for what they wanted but give them more options than what they were getting from current search engines and social media sites. So he created the IMYPATH “Category Wall” a dual-purpose search engine tool, as well as a targeted feed to users profiles. So people would now have more flexible and control over what they see, and choose to interact with on IMYPATH Social Media website or App. Also people will be able to find anything they want from their IMYPATH account with out living their social media site.
I can write so many more features of the app but now lets get back to the person who has actually developed this unique app.
He says that Donald Trump has been a Role Model & Mentor to him for a long time and he has been following his career for a long time and he is truly inspired by him. Just like other greats in IT market people around Mark Alonzo Alexander too were not able to recognize how intelligent and exceptional he is.
Mark Alonzo AlexanderI would love to quote a few lines he said in his own words.
“I was told I was the “Black Sheep” of my family. Orphan to the family that never claimed me, but what they didn’t know was this “Black Sheep” was special and its their loss they never saw that. Blood is not stronger then bonds. Over the years I realize that some of the people I’ve met have treated me better than the people I’ve know the majority of my life. For all the “Black Sheep” in the world with No family, I welcome you! ”
That’s the way to do it dude. I am really impressed by the way you are going along. IMYPATH is going nice and I am sure with the kind of features it got it will become an essential on all cellphones and computers in the near future .

And when a person who has developed this app is so humble and enthusiastic at the same time, the success is surely not far.

imypath app downloadAnd You don’t forget to the try his app . Trust me its a real innovation in social networking. Its available for both apple and android .


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