Long lasting, cruelty free By the Clique Lipstick

Long lasting, cruelty free By the Clique Lipstick

It doesn’t matter whether you are a big fan of makeup or not one thing that every girl uses is Lipstick. And while buying lipstick we either only checkout the brand label or just go for the color we want to buy. So we miss some important factors we should consider like ingredients, quality, stickiness, long lasting and such other things.

Being a beauty expert, I always search for quality products having extra ordinary qualities so that I can recommend only good products to my clients and readers here. And the latest edition to this list is By the Clique Lipstick.

There are plenty of reasons to go for By the Clique. First of all there products are cruelty free. Means they haven’t harmed any animal during the manufacturing of their lipsticks. Apart from that they got so much variety. Their Premium Matte Liquid Lipstick is available in vibrant colors. You will surely find some colors as per your liking.
These are long lasting, waterproof and kissable. Means you don’t have to check your lips again and on the party, you can keep on enjoying without any hassle.

As it’s not dry or sticky so it feels great. And being long lasting it will look great all day long.

And in case you would ask me to recommend some of their shades I would go for Red Carpet Ready, Totally Tan, Violet Riot, Pink Poison Cliquesticks. Their Champagne Glitter Gloss is also worth buying.

They also have matching lip liners and clear gloss. Means you don’t have to visit any other store for these products as well. You can buy the matching ones there.

So mentioned so many reasons for recommended By The Clique. And here is the last and very important one. They donate 10% of all profits to organizations that aid in disaster relief, child hunger, and women empowerment.

You are still thinking? No more thinking, it’s time to act, Visit By The Clique and checkout the complete range of lipstick and other products.

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