Long Lasting and Shining Gel Nail Strips by Cheeky Lab

Long Lasting and Shining Gel Nail Strips by Cheeky Lab

A few years back for nail decoration we only had one option “nail polish”. And that nail polish use to stick to our nails and it used to be a really tough ask peeling that off our nails. But this generation is lucky enough to have plenty of options for their nails. Gel Shine Nail Strips is a perfect addition to that. Applying these nail strips will not only give you an attracting and eye catching look but also gives you an opportunity to wear the design of your choice. I recently found some cool designs on Cheeky Lab.

Their Instant Gel Shine Nail Strips are amazing, not only in color and designs but also in quality. It’s the best nail polish alternative. Easy to apply and easy to peel off. And these Instant Gel Shine Nail Strips are cruelty free, safe, and not harmful for your skin or nails at all. Unlike other nail wraps, these nail strips are processed through 9 layers of printing that results in eye catching colors and durability.

gel nail strips-cheeky-lab

There are plenty of choices available on Cheeky Lab. Different colors, designs and prints. Each set comes with 22 nail strips and 1 mini file. And as mentioned above these are easy to apply. You will surely gonna love your hands once these nail stickers are on your hand. And you don’t need to get any help from your beautician for applying these nail strips, as no tools are needed you can easily put them on. It is similar to jamberry, color street, incoco. But you don’t have to waste your time drying it.

gel nail strips

You can apply these in four simple steps

Step 1: Wash your hands clean and dry to prep your nails free of oil and moisture.

Step 2: Select the right strip size.

Step 3: Place nail strip starting from cuticle to bottom, making sure strip doesn’t touch skin.

Step 4: Starting in the middle, press down firmly and File the rest

So it’s time to get rid of those old style nail polishes from your collection and try on these Gel shine nail strips. Checkout the complete range on www.cheekylab.com


Note : They are looking for brand ambassadors who can host their own giveaways. In case you are interested, you can contact them.

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