Lonely Floater, an inspirational lifestyle brand

Lonely Floater, an inspirational lifestyle brand

Lonely Floater is a lifestyle brand that was created by Wallie (black jacket) and Lo(black tshirt). It is a brand that was started out of Mount Vernon, NY in Oct 2016. The first products released by Lonely Floater were 4 dad hats with different eblems that correlate to a huge storyline behind the brand. It has a vast Hip-Hop, EDM, and punkrock underground network across the United States. It was a project that was under wraps for about a year and some months. A majority of the design are minimalist but have a deep detailed meaning behind it. Most of the hype comes from the instagram with scenic photos and extremely deep and relatable quotes. To know more about the brand we had a conversation with them. Sharing it with our readers here.

lonely-floaterPro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to launch Lonely Floater?
Lonely Floater : Honestly, we got tired of wearing the same clothes as other people. Growing where we are from, Mount Vernon, N.Y., everyone wore the name brand clothes and styles.
Then when we got older and started going out to New York City, everyone wore the same stuff. Just more expensive.

Pro Media Mag : Any story behind the name of the brand ‘lonely floater’ ?
Lonely Floater : There are many stories behind what created the Lonely Floater. But, the main story is for members of “The Circle” only. In the end, all the stories that lead up to this all have something in common, it’s about just being different. I saw a kid get jumped in high school because he dressed differently, thought differently, and spoke differently. That was one of the worst moments for me in high school because I think to myself, if I didn’t know how to defend myself, that could of been me. Our city is a gold mine, and people just walk past it or walk over it. Some make it out and never go back, some get lost and never see the world. The Lonely Floater basically stands for the exception.

Pro Media Mag : So you started with 4 hats and never look back. Now you got a number of stylish products in your brand’s range?
Lonely Floater : Yes we do, we have a variation of colors and designs for our hats. And in our spring collection we are bringing some heat this 2017.

Pro Media Mag : It seems all of your products are created on the basis of inspirations . What are the main source for inspiration?
Lonely Floater : Our main source of inspiration is based off of life experiences, people we’ve met, and raw human emotion.

Pro Media Mag : What are your best selling items so far?
Lonely Floater : Our Forgotten Secret and our Vision Quest dad hats.

Pro Media Mag : What up next? Any other items to be added under lonely floater brand in near future?
Lonely Floater : In the near future there will be dope socks, hoodies, and jackets.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Lonely Floater : Follow your heart, a lot of things are going to happen in life…Just push through. And express yourself the way YOU see best fits.

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