Lilly talks about her innovative fashion concept ShareClo

Lilly talks about her innovative fashion concept ShareClo

We recently interviewed owner of fashion business owner Lilly. She has introduced an innovative fashion concept of fashion items sharing.


Pro Media Mag : First of all introduce yourself to our readers?
Lilly : Hello! This is Lilly from Japan, I just started a new business in fashion industry. Hope a lot of girls get interested in this.

Pro Media Mag : You have recently started business related to sharing of fashion items. Tell us more about that?
Lilly : Well, it’s a platform to share fashion items like dress and bags and hair accessory…The items are all famous brand like CHANEL, FENDI, LANVIN…You choose 2 or 3 brand items from this closet, and you can keep them until you get bored, and you can exchange anytime. High quality dress and bags make us 1 level up women.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to launch ShareClo ?
Lilly : Airbnb and Uber…this kind of business is going well to share someone’s belongs. So I thought we should share even dress and bag, but only really good quality ones. We don’t need to share fast fashion, we share something we cant buy so much but we don’t use so often.

Pro Media Mag : Who can avail your service? Is there any criteria to be your customer?
Lilly : Women who go out often for dinner for party. You know, women don’t want to wear same dress as last time when we meet same girl friends. If hanging out with a guy, might not care so much, haha.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
Lilly : Now inviting people on waiting list. We are starting with 2 months half price campaign, so we got quite a lot, like around 40 people in a week. Hope we can get good investors, so that we can provide items more.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of fashion products are available for rent on your site?
Lilly : cloths for work, dress for dating, party, night out, and some good for travel. Oh, you will be able to rent our items through airbnb. It’s pretty tough to bring some coats to winter place during summer there.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Lilly : When we wear nice high quality brand dresses, our face expression and feeling are changed, not only you look good. I want a lot of women to feel it everyday, not only special occasion. Thank you so much!

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