Tonight, we have the great pleasure and distinct honor of introducing one of the most interesting and certainly one of the finest actresses in all of… What? She was? Oh, they do? I don’t need to? Well, then, let’s get on with it.

I was going to introduce that great actress and awesome entertainer Lib Campbell, but I was just told that she needs no introduction. Obviously, she is quite well known through all of her movies, stage performances, TV work and her touring shows. As many of you out there already know, Lib practically grew up on stage and in front of the lights and camera. She won a national talent search in her native Australia, which put her on the top rated kids TV show called The Shak. After that, the ball never stopped rolling: she became a host for the Disney Channel Australia with Debbie Ryan of Jessie fame and Mandy Moore, the lovely singer and star of the movies The Princess Diaries and Dr. Doolittle 2. Lib also hosted a game show for Disney in Australia based on the cartoon Phineas & Ferb.

unnamed3Lib’s career in Australian TV made her a household name in Australia and then she moved to Los Angeles to work there. It seems as if she has never stopped working since she stepped off the plane at LAX Airport. She starred as Lucy in the stage play The Magic Finger, which got terrific reviews. Then she voiced the U.S. versions of two Japanese Anime films, Eden and Ultraman Ginga. After that, Lib took on a challenging part in the film Day For Night, alongside two venerable Hollywood legends, Oscar nominee Peter Bogdanovich and Independent Spirit Award winner, Sally Kirkland. Never one to stop for a breath, Lib jumped into a fun role in the movie The Last Superhero, by the talented filmmaker Jason Trost, whose movies have become well known and now have large cult followings.

She recently hosted some live shows for, which air on cable in the U.S. and the UK; she became the face of QURB, the wellness product that will be soon be launched nationally in the states, and she was cast as Peppa Pig in Peppa’s Big Splash, the live national touring show of Peppa Pig, the extremely popular animated kids show on Nickelodeon. By the way, 2,000 people auditioned for the role of Peppa and only one person won the part: Lib Campbell. Don’t we all wish we had a touch of Lib’s energy and at least a bit of her talent? She can do anything and apparently she does.

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