Let’s meet the multi-talented Jaime Mansilla

Let’s meet the multi-talented Jaime Mansilla

We are sharing our recent interview with Jaime Mansilla, a widely recognized Violinist, Soloist, Concertmaster and Recording artist.

Pro Media Mag : Even though you have been in this industry from a long time now, but start of your career is something you cant forget. Our readers would like to know a little about that as well?
Jaime: Yes, it’s true, I’ve been a long time in this career as a violinist, orchestra director and record artist, not only in the classical field but also in pop music, collaborating permanently with many other artists such as Donna Summer, Tony Bennet, Paul Anka, just to name a few! The beginning of my career was in my adolescence (around 17 years old) as a classical violinist playing in chamber orchestras, string quartets and occasionally, playing some concerts with pop singers. It was also the time of my first performances as a violin soloist. I remember that I really enjoyed the challenge to stand in front of a crowd of musicians (an orchestra) and play mi solo of violin, insteed of play in the group. Also was the times of mi first concert trips that included tours by South America and USA, was the perfect combination between Music and tourism for a young of 17.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Jaime: Basically the fascination for the violin sound in my first student times. After, the knowledge of the great classical works of composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc. and finally: the rite of alive performances, and certainly all the amazing energy that is needed for transmit something magic throughout the sound of the instruments. Everything come from inside of you!! This is very attractive for an artistic spirit!

Pro Media Mag : You have recently released a number of melodious tones. Do tell us about that?
Jaime: This is a series of new recordings based on the most famous Arias of classical operas, such as Turandot, Boheme, the barber of Seville “Figaro”, etc., in a version for violin solo and orchestra. I has played as a concertmaster my whole life in many countries (even today) in opera orchestras, and I always wanted to play with my violin the part of the singers of these amazing melodies. Fortunately, this project came to life in a great way. I recorded all this melodies the last Summer in USA with the NY Philarmonia orchestra, and the recordings was released in January and March of this year (2018). They are already in I Tunes Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal etc. I am so glad with the final result of this work, and I hope the people around the world can enjoy it, like I do.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received from the releases?
Jaime: Simply wonderful reactions. Every person who has listened to the recordings, especially the musicians (colleagues and friends), they are fascinated by the tone of the sound, the idea of the project and the novelty of the recordings. It is very nice to hear melodies like Carmen or Fígaro for the first time, in the voice of a violin instead of a singer. Even for me it has also been a very special discovery, the musicality of the result between the violin mixed with a symphonic orchestra in this melodies, because they are different from the classical violin concertos. I think this music is closer to all people, just if you enjoy the music (never mind the genre), for sure you’ll enjoy this recordings!

Pro Media Mag : What’s the secret behind these beautiful tones? Your special Violin from 18th century or anything else?
Jaime: I play on one violin Antonius Stradivarius crafted in Cremona, Italy in the year 1701! That’s wonderful for any musician in the world! The special and unique tone of this type of violins has been legendary for centuries. But I always thought that the instrument is exactly that: an instrument as the word says it! The natural tone of this violin is part of the secret, but … you must do the other part!. This means: your inner artistic energy must to be in each note that you play, as well as your mind! Again I believe: “Everything come from inside of you”!

Pro Media Mag : You have performed concerts in 30 different countries. There must be so much to share about these tours as well?
Jaime: Of course. There have been many trips in my life and I continue traveling every season. Each trip is special and each country is fascinating! Just to name a few: when I visited and I did concerts in Salzburg, Austria, it was exciting to meet Mozart’s house!. In 2001 I played at the Jagiellonian University (Krakow, in Poland) and I had access to visit as a guest the private collection of instruments of the 16th century astronomer Copernico (simply indescribable). When I played with the Philharmonic of Mexico, I visited the ancient city of Teotihuacan, I spent all day climbing its pyramids!.
I visited (and played) on Easter Island in Rapa Nui with its fabulous and monumental statues: the “Moais”, and I could see the crater of the volcan on the hill of the island. In Europe also I played in many cities of Spain, visiting his wonderful cathedrals of the Middle Ages and the castels in Castilla province. In Paris France also I remember my visit to the Eiffel Tower after a nice concert in an Embassy.
In Prague Czech Republic, I remember the beauty of the old city, and his impressive musical life, with concerts of baroque music in every church at same time. And in Germany, I keep the image of the most lovely little towns than I seen in my life in Bavaria state, and of course my visit to the Neuschwanstein castle was just go inside of a fairy tales!
Each one has been an unforgettable experience!

Pro Media Mag : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Jaime: Great Pro Media Mag by the way! very difficult to answer. All my life I did concerts on stage (until the present), this activity is fascinating and is an essential part of the artistic life of each musician, but has the disadvantage of the live performance: it happens once, that is all! whatever happens!. It is different from work in study, you can correct everything until you get the results according to the expectations, and most importantly: it will be forever! In my opinion, the study work has the perfect mix between art and technology, because it can coexist and mix at the same time the musical art of centuries ago, with the modern era of computers, softwares and sound engineering. I feel that the studio is a little more attractive to me in this times.

Pro Media Mag : Any particular tour or concert you enjoyed the most?
Jaime: My first visit to New York in 1992 was also my first concert at the famous Carnegie Hall. This experience marked my artistic life forever! I enjoyed both: the impressive city and its unstoppable life, and of course the concert in the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

Pro Media Mag : Are you currently working on any other project?
Jaime: Yes, absolutely. In addition to my constant trips, and my work in USA with Opera and symphony orchestras, I am very exciting with my new recording projects for this year, including new releases of this Opera serie for violin and orchestra in the next months. I am working also in Latin Music, violin concertos of the baroque music and musical arrengments of movies. All this recordings will be alive soon!


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