Lets Meet ‘Charlie Vecchio’ The Founder Of GiftCaddies

Lets Meet ‘Charlie Vecchio’ The Founder Of GiftCaddies

We got a chance to have a conversation with Charlie Vecchio the founder of social gifting app GiftCaddies. It was a very informative and interesting conversation. Surely our readers will love to read it.

Charlie Vecchio

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?

Charlie Vecchio :  My name is Charlie Vecchio. I’m the Founder of GiftCaddies. GiftCaddies is the leader of an advanced concept known as “social gifting”. I’ve created an application, which allows users to send tangible, sometimes immediate gifts to friends across town, or across the country, all from their mobile device. GiftCaddies will help make every gift giving experience for both the giver and the receiver personal and thoughtful. Here is the company’s “Shark Tank” video

Prior to GiftCaddies, I was the Vice President of Digital for Mspark. I played a pinnacle role in adding digital products to the Mspark portfolio and building partnerships to help Mspark become leaders in the local digital space. Prior to his role at Mspark, I worked at LivingSocial as a sales manager in their Mid Atlantic Region with a key role in building their Mid-Atlantic sales team and growing the LivingSocial brand. I’ve also worked as a General Manager at AT&T Advertising Solutions.  Under my leadership, the company’s lowest performing division turned into the top ranked division, I increased sales by 123% in his first year.  I was not only the top performer in my region but throughout the company.
I love taking on new challenges.  I’m excited to create something special and make GiftCaddies the one platform people can use to send the perfect gift.

Pro Media Mag : What inspired you to launch GiftCaddies?

Charlie Vecchio : I was out to dinner and friends tried to send me a bottle of wine. The restaurant was busy and could not make the transaction over the phone. Everyone lost. I didn’t receive the gift, my friends were not able to send the gift and the restaurant lost the revenue. Everyone lost and the idea of GiftCaddies was born!

Pro Media Mag : In which way this app is helpful for people?

Charlie Vecchio : For consumers its helpful because it gives them a way to send actual gifts and not generic gift cards. It gives people a platform to send really cool gifts. A beer? A bourbon? Business owners love it because it allows them to generate revenue from all over the country and 24/7. A win win for everyone.

Pro Media Mag : What are the main features of GiftCaddies that makes this app different or better than other such apps?

Charlie Vecchio : We have the chance to be first to market. Some other similar apps but we are the only one today doing what we do. Investors love that opportunity and we see a chance to really be the leaders in the gifting space moving forward.
Say goodbye to giving ho-hum gifts and hello to GiftCaddies – a revolution in social gifting. It’s the best way to send thoughtful, personalized gifts to friends, family and coworkers instantly, from anywhere, 24/7—all from the convenience of your phone. Recipients get notified quickly via email and can redeem their awesome gift right away.
– Intuitive design makes gift giving/receiving seamless
– Merchants include hotels, travel, restaurants, retail shops and more
– All gifts are available for immediate delivery
– Information is stored safely and securely in the cloud
Ready to send the perfect gift? Unleash your inner gifter and download the GiftCaddies app today.

Pro Media Mag : Any plans of adding more features and partners in your app?

Charlie Vecchio : Yes! We just signed up a celebrity Chef in Atlanta and always looking for new partners that will help us grow the GiftCaddies name.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response your app has received so far?

Charlie Vecchio : Everyone loves it. The hardest part is scaling the business. Everyone wants their city on GiftCaddies and it’s figuring out how we can get in as many cities as possiable and doing in the right way.

Pro Media Mag : What are the options available to download the app?

Charlie Vecchio : The app is free in the apple and google store.

Download on iTunes

Download on Google store

Pro Media Mag : Any other app related advice or suggestion for our readers ?

Charlie Vecchio : Make sure your idea solves a problem. Does your idea solve a problem? GiftCaddies solves the problem of gifting in other cities and gives people the ability to send real and thoughtful gifts. If you have an idea that solves a problem, you can make it. Believe in yourself. People will try to bring you down. Keep going. It’s hard. I was just talking to a group of 2,100 students and I told all of them, “ friends and family won’t get it, they might not support you. Find new friends! “.

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