Let’s Meet A Talented Music Artist ‘Jason Achilles Mezilis’

Let’s Meet A Talented Music Artist ‘Jason Achilles Mezilis’

We are sharing here, our recent conversation with Jason Achilles Mezilis, a talented music artist, passionate performer and skilled Piano player. His newest released Album COMEDOWN was impressive . You will definitely love to know more about him through this interview.

Jason Achilles Mezilis

Pro Media Mag : What was the inspiration behind wanting to join the music industry? What inspired you not only to write and perform, but to record as well?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : Hi there. Far as the industry part, it was from wanting to get paid. You don’t have to be part of the “industry” to make music, but if you want to make a living at it – that’s another story. The recording aspect I think in some part came from a fascination with all the gadgetry involved…I love working with actual tape, outboard gear, all the old school stuff. Analog synths that function like the flight deck of the Millennium Falcon, where you gotta occasionally hit something to make it work right. Almost makes you think of humpbacked Marty Feldman, or a Terry Gilliam outtake, with all sorts of weird knobs and hoses and random odd-usage paraphernalia sticking out everywhere. Love it.

Pro Media Mag : How has the response been to your newest album release “COMEDOWN,” which was released a few months back?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : It’s been fantastic. When you create something you really believe in – I don’t care how confident you are, there’s still a small but loud part of your brain that doesn’t really know what you’ve got until you get some sort of validation from the audience, be that through their words or their pocketbook…it’s a great feeling.


Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any other new project at the moment that you are able to tell us about?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : I recently recorded a new single called “Justine” as a scoring composition for a new film by director Robert Saitzyk… the film is still in development, but he agreed to take some time to shoot a video for the track. I expect and hope it will be ready to release early 2017. Not sure when the single itself will be released…but we’re trying something new on the technological side that neither of us has been involved with before. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if all goes as planned it will be a really cool visual treat. His work is really amazing.

Pro Media Mag : What is your favorite part about being a musician? At the end of the day what makes it all worth it?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : Music is fascinating…it’s amazing what you can convey through the transference of sound…not words, just noises. When someone is able to pick up on the delicate subtleties of your efforts, all that work and minutiae you put into it feels completely validated. What makes it all worth it? In a word…freedom.

Pro Media Mag : You have been playing piano since a very young age. How have your skills developed in playing piano over time? and how has that carried on your love for other instruments such as guitar?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : Before I started playing guitar, I actually tried to learn all my favorite rock guitar songs on piano…and that opened up a whole new world of playing for me. Figuring out Joe Satriani and Van Halen tunes and playing ‘em at full speed on the upright really expanded what my fingers could do. Then I got involved in a drunken punk-blues ragtime project with a friend more recently here in LA, and he dubbed my style “whorehouse piano”. I like that.

Pro Media Mag : It seems you love working in your studio Organic Audio Recorders! What is your favorite parts of working and recording other artists in the studio? How does the vibe differ than when you are recording your own material?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : I do yeah…it’s a neat place! And I love that I get to choose what I want to work on, both for myself and others. Biggest difference between working on mine vs. other people’s material is the pace.

Pro Media Mag : We also came to know you are a big fan of comics; What are some of your favorite characters or reads; and what makes you relate to them?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : Yeah that is true…still got ‘em too. Spider-Man was my big one, still is. He’s just a very human character, optimistic but very flawed…and that really made sense, particularly to a physically small kid, desperately lacking in self-confidence but with big hopes and a vivid imagination. It was cool to see him grow through the years, “find a groove” so to speak. Loved the X-Men, all those poor downtrodden mutants (ha)… Marvel stuff in general I suppose. DC was always story-based first, and Marvel was generally more art-driven. Later on, I got into some weirder stuff, horror comics like Cry For Dawn and so forth…but it really was always about the artwork, more than anything. And holy crap Linsner can draw some gorgeous gals, even covered in blood.

Pro Media Mag : What are your music goals for the future as well as the New Year?
Jason Achilles Mezilis : New Years’ Day I’m going to see the 49ers most likely get their asses handed to them yet again, but hey I’m a faithful – we’ll tailgate and have a good time anyway. Musically, been getting tour dates set for Feb-March next year, and have got some special releases coming up soon…another single before year’s end. Probably do something fun for my birthday, put it out around then. Mid-December if all goes well. Nice talking with you guys!

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