Let’s learn how to earn online from ‘Simon’

Let’s learn how to earn online from ‘Simon’

Today we have brought for you our recent interview with an affiliate marketer ‘Simon’ who also goes by his blog name SimonTheSorcerer. You will definitely learn something out of this interview.


Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional Career?

Simon :  I started my career as an intern in the online marketing department of Europe’s biggest life insurance provider. I was also a freelancer for a while. And I worked as an online marketing manager for US and UK companies before I started my own B2C online marketing agency in 2013.
I have experienced online marketing from all sides, from an agency’s perspective, in-house, as a freelancer and now as the head of a small media company.

Pro Media Mag : What was inspiration behind going for online marketing?

Simon :  When I finally purchased my own laptop as a teenager, it became clear to me, that I wanted to make a living online, somehow. At that time I did not know how. Online marketing was an obvious choice for someone like me.

Pro Media Mag : What’s your favorite niche?

Simon : I focus on so called ‘difficult niches”, these are niches barred from most forms of advertisement (not welcome on social media, PPC is mostly out too). These are my favourites, as it requires creative, outside the box thinking. They are also the most difficult to effectively advertise.

Pro Media Mag : As per your experience what’s more paying, CPS,CPL OR CPA?

Simon :  None of them. The best paying programs are life-time revenue share affiliate programs. However, they are quite rare.

Pro Media Mag : Do you work according to some plan?

Simon : Yes, everything I do is based on what people actually search for online (quantifiable keyword research data). I do not create websites for myself, I create them for my visitors.

Pro Media Mag : Looking back to your career one can see you are a hard worker. From where you get the motivation?

Simon : Once you make your websites your full time job, there is no other way. Either you work hard or you will end up bankrupt.

Pro Media Mag : What are your future goals as an affiliate marketer?

Simon : My goal was to turn my websites into a profitable business with a real office and full time employees. I achieved this (2 full time employees + 1 intern). So, my goal is now to save up enough money to buy our very own office here in downtown Budapest, instead of renting one.

Pro Media Mag : If any of our readers want to get into online marketing can you guide him/her?

Simon : Online marketing is an umbrella term and encompasses all sorts of activities. First you’ve to decide which area you want to focus on. But as a general advice, nothing substitutes experience, and that’s what employers are looking for. So, don’t be afraid to take even unpaid internships in the beginning, just get your feet wet as soon as possible.

Pro Media Mag: How much active you are on social media ? What’s the best way to follow you?

Simon: I’m only active on Google Plus, but you can always get in touch with me on my website.

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