Joyfully Styled – An inspiring beauty and fashion blog

Joyfully Styled – An inspiring beauty and fashion blog

Hi folks, today I have something interesting to share with you. No its not a product rather its about a lot of products. I am talking about a fashion and beauty blog by an expert fashion blogger. I really loved the content both text and images of her blog, that’s what inspired me to share it with my readers here.

Kimmie, is a young fashion blogger born and raised in Chicago, currently living in St. Louis with her husband and 2 pups. Although she works as personal stylist but now she  is utilizing her writing skills along with her fashion knowledge and the result is this very informative and inspiring fashion blog.

Through this blog joyfully styled she shares her personal style and fashion and beauty related knowledge with her readers. Kimmie believes that you simply feel the best when you look your best! That’s why she always comes up with something more stylish and graceful in her blog.


She blogs about all kind of fashion and style tips, updates and tricks. The best thing is she captures her own pictures for the purpose to illustrate it. She wears the apparels and talks about it’s plus points according to the changing seasons, upcoming events etc. Being beautiful everything looks cool on her and you will definitely fall in love with her blogging style.

As she reviews everything she wears or uses so you don’t have to check for review sites for those products. I have gone through a number of blogs she wrote and I would say I am personally impressed by her writing style, honesty in expressing her opinion about some product. And best thing is, she normally write about only the products, she actually used. And in case if you liked something she wore, you can ask her and she will inbox you the details of the product and from where you can buy it.


So for fashion & style inspiration, check out Kimmie’s blog at

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