Jordan Nelson Reveals The Story Behind His App LitCircle

Jordan Nelson Reveals The Story Behind His App LitCircle

We are sharing our recent interview with Jordan Nelson the founder of LitCircle App. This app is very useful app, pretty different than other such app. Our conversation with Jordan Nelson was based on his life and this app and some other very interesting things.

Jordan Nelson

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Jordan Nelson : I’m Jordan Nelson. I’m the founder of a party app, called LitCircle, that is a platform for discovering local parties.

Pro Media Mag : You wanted to be in different professions but end up as tech entrepreneur, what lead you into this?
Jordan Nelson : Pretty much. I fell into this field because of a few events, but primarily it came from a sense of awareness of myself. While I loved the idea of service in the military, it’s a very routine and structured environment. I am much more inclined to an environment that is purely creative and open to free-wheeling lifestyle. That, and I was inspired after watching The Social Network. xD

Pro Media Mag : What inspired you to launch your own app, LitCircle?
Jordan Nelson : Great Pro Media Mag. The biggest thing for me was my own personal experience. I think all the best apps come from solving a pain point for the people that made them. While partying is a big part of our lives, I never really considered it to be the thing I should look at to solve pain points when I was working on one project or another for years….


I was inspired one night when I was on the Palisades bluff with a friend of mine. We were looking over at the Santa Monica Pier, where a concert had just ended, and musing about all the parties people were probably going to that we couldn’t access. I instantly had a concept and visualization of a local discovery app. I didn’t say anything but I wrote the idea for an app onto my phone’s notes at that moment.

Pro Media Mag : How does this app work and what type of features it has?
Jordan Nelson : It’s a local discovery app. It’s different than other go-to discovery apps people are familiar with like YikYak or Tinder because it’s centered around events. Or, more specifically, the media coming from events.

LitCircle’s main functionality is organizing up your social circles for convenient sharing. Then sharing videos from parties to your friends instantaneously. My premise is that discovery in the world comes from a very natural place between friends, so it shouldn’t be forced or manufactured. LitCircle is only trying to make communication about local events easier.

Pro Media Mag : We were told celebs like going to your parties. Can we get some names?
Jordan Nelson : Hah. Yeah, sure. I guess the biggest name that I’m looking forward to working with is Adam Weiss of Ham on Everything. I’m not sure if he qualifies as a celebrity per se, but his party group is probably the best underground in the city. I’m really looking forward to collaborating with him because, besides being a long time coming, he’s got a really large persona and reputation.

Other than that, a number of online celebrities attended LitCircle’s first party. I got in a fight with the promoter who brought them, so not sure if they’ll keep coming, but Rebecca Black, Lauren Giraldo, Lycia Faith, they all came to our parties.

Oh, and I might put Chet Hanks on the lineup as one of the live acts for our upcoming party series, The Endless Dawn.

Jordan Nelson

Pro Media Mag : Is it true there’s a film producer that’s interested in investing in your app?
Jordan Nelson :  Hahaha…. Yeah, I had that screenshot on my Instagram for a while. I maybe shouldn’t have, but hey, I couldn’t help myself because the story is too good. I actually met Ryan Kavanaugh at an In n Out in the Spring of 2015. So this is a while back, and our conversation was short. I’d compare myself to Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street, without the second act of calling my job and quitting.

Anyway, I cold e-mailed him more than a year later and he actually forwarded me to a relevant officer in his company. That was an awesome feeling. It’s nothing real yet. My goal is to work to make LitCircle a spaceship that’s a huge opportunity for them to invest in.

Pro Media Mag : What is your favorite part about being an Entrepreneur?
Jordan Nelson : That’s a tough one. I love the freedom. I’ve always gone to the beat of my own drum, but didn’t necessarily know that until a few years ago. I love the creativity you are able to apply. And I love the sense of mission. I guess my absolute favorite part though would be the sense of personal fulfillment. To have an idea that is just a pipe dream and work tirelessly on it until you see it start to grow is an amazing feeling I don’t think is replicated many places elsewhere.

Jordan Nelson

Pro Media Mag : Do you have some targets in mind that you want to achieve in next few years?
Jordan Nelson : Absolutely. My drive has always been to build a great technology company, like Facebook or Snapchat. It may be ridiculous since I had such a short timeline when I was 17 that wasn’t at all met, but I’m gunning to build the next unicorn this next years and bring LitCircle to a place where things like an IPO are very realistic.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Jordan Nelson : Go to or and follow the app from there. We have some kick ass stuff on the way.


You can find more details and updates on the following.

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