Interview with writer, actor and director Meredith Hama-Brown

Interview with writer, actor and director Meredith Hama-Brown

We recently had an interview with multi-talented Meredith Hama-Brown.

Meredith Hama-Brown is a writer, actor and director from Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work as a director has appeared in various international film festivals including: Palm Springs International
Shortfest, Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas, Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, Philadelphia International Film Festival and Fantasia International Film Festival.

As an actor, she has appeared in a number of independent films and commercials. She has worked with several notable directors including Matthew Tichenor, The Room, Sophie Jarvis and Vincent Haycock.

Meredith Hama-Brown
Photo credit: ‘Cinephiliac’ film


Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into acting? How was the start of your career?
Meredith Hama-Brown : I was inspired to get into acting because from a young age it is always something that I wanted to do. I went to university for film production and when I finished I knew I had to give it a shot, so I got my first agent and started right away. Like a lot of people, the beginning of my career was challenging. It took awhile to figure out the kind of career I wanted to have. I think that is always a work in progress.

Pro Media Mag : You have done many varied roles. What’s your favourite role so far?
Meredith Hama-Brown : It’s hard to say which role has been my favourite because I have been lucky to take part in a lot of great projects. I think one film that was very exciting to work on was ‘Cinephiliac’ (directed by Matthew Tichenor). Matt came up with a very ambitious script about a woman caught in an odyssey of genre films. But at the same time the scenario was very much a metaphor for what the character was experiencing emotionally. The project was both meaningful and also challenging, so that was a very special role to work on.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being an actor?
Meredith Hama-Brown : For me, the best part of being an actor is working with inspiring people. I love when I’m on set and surrounded by people who are excited about what they are doing. I guess most people must feel that way though, but it really does make all the difference.

Pro Media Mag : Any particular role you would like to play at least once in your career?
Meredith Hama-Brown : There’s no particular role that I would like to play. As long as a character is complex then I am generally interested in delving into the role.

Pro Media Mag : Acting, writing or direction, what’s more interesting?
Meredith Hama-Brown : I don’t think any of these are more or less interesting than the other. They do have different pros and cons though of course. Writing is interesting to me because you are inventing something from scratch. You really can do anything with it and there is usually no one telling me to get it finished, so I have to be very self-motivated. Directing and acting are both interesting to me because there are so many different ways a script can be deciphered and yet you still have to honour what the story is. I find that balancing act to be a lot of fun.

Pro Media Mag : What do you do in your off days or free time ?
Meredith Hama-Brown : I like to keep things pretty simple in my spare time. I like to read, eat good food, lie in the sun and play board games with friends. I also love to play golf even though I’m horrible at it.

Pro Media Mag : Are you currently working on any other projects?
Meredith Hama-Brown : I have a couple projects that will be released soon. One is called “A Backward Glance” by Michelle Grady and the other is called “Medical Drama” by Sophie Jarvis. These are both excellent projects and I’m very excited for their first screenings.

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