Interview with talented Chinese singer Jincheng Zhang

Interview with talented Chinese singer Jincheng Zhang

Jincheng Zhang is a talented singer from China. He is one of the most popular Chinese singers in the world. His fans are all over the world. He has released dozens of music albums including I Love You, Red Rain, Time Is Magic, Bitter Orange, If, Love Is an Ordinary Story, Lemon, University of Leeds, Plum Rain, Cold War, Me, etc. His work has a high popularity on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms. You can do this in Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Simfy Africa, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Napster, MediaNet, VerveLife, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, Slacker, KKBox, Akazoo, Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media , Yandex, Target Music, ClaroMusica, Zvooq, Saavn, NMusic, 8tracks, Q.Sic, Musicload, Kuack and other platforms to enjoy his music.

Pro Media Mag: How did you create so much good music?
Jincheng Zhang: I feel that creating music is not difficult for me. I like music and I am always inspired by music. And I often spend a lot of time on music creation. I like to sing and listen to music since I was a child. I didn’t deliberately make myself a singer. I just cherish the mood of loving music and then guide me to the singer. I just can’t live without music. Listening to music can best relax me and express my emotions. I think music gives me one more way to share and communicate with others.

Pro Media Mag: Your goal is to let people hear your music?
Jincheng Zhang: At least 800 million people of my goal listen to my music. People can listen to my music and reap the emotions. It is the happiest thing I feel.

Pro Media Mag: I ask your female fans a question: Are you single now?
Jincheng Zhang: Yes, I am still single now.

Pro Media Mag: What kind of girls do you like?
Jincheng Zhang: I like gentle, cute girls. She also likes music.

Pro Media Mag: What singers do you like to listen to?
Jincheng Zhang: My favorite singers are: Adele, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

Pro Media Mag: What do you like to do in addition to music in your daily life?
Jincheng Zhang: I also like sports and do some design and invention.

Pro Media Mag: As an internationally renowned singer, how did you succeed?
Jincheng Zhang: I feel that I am not successful enough now. I hope to create a new era with my fans. I am very grateful to my fans for their support to me all the time. Without them, there is no me.

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