Interview with multi-talented Seraphim Aun Weor

Interview with multi-talented Seraphim Aun Weor

Seraphim Aun Weor is a talented music artist and a well-known independent film director. We recently got an opportunity to interview her. Sharing it here with our readers.


Pro Media Mag : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Seraphim Aun Weor : Okay, where should I began… my name is Seraphim Aun Weor from the band “Deliver Me Up” who’s formally known as Sariah Bishop. I started out in the underground goth scene and genre, being in magazines such as “Gothic Beauty”, “Dark Realms”, and “Heaven’s Metal”, and in the presence of such amazing artists like “Trent Reznor” ( Nine Inch Nails), “Madonna Wayne Gacy” of  Marilyn Manson, “Glenn Danzig” formally of The Misfits and “Gene Simmons” (KISS), I have a new album coming out called “Chaos and Innocence” which is produced by “Jason Charles Miller” (Godhead). My first single off this album is “You Never Loved Me” followed by “You’re My Biggest Mistake” and “Make Up”, I am also currently in casting for my new film as well called “Unholywood”, in which I am director/writer you can follow my films under “Sin Icon Motion Pictures”.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into the music industry?
Seraphim Aun Weor : I have a love for literature in which led me to began to write poerty at first, which opened the creativity to write lyrics, I stuttered as a child and this caused me to become an introvert, because my stuttering was so severe that I could not complete a full sentence or get a word out, I was teased and mocked a lot, and music was my personal escape, I can not tell you when it went away, I just realized one day that I did not stutter anymore.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your upcoming Album “Chaos and Innocence”?
Seraphim Aun Weor : This album is one that I am very proud of “Chaos and Innocence” the lyrics came differently for this album than it did my last album, I am Creole so as you know, we are extremely spiritual beings and sometimes encounter things from the unknown supernaturally, hence I am known as the “I AM” artist.
It’s a struggle between dark and light, good and evil, right and wrong, where in the midst of it all I don’t lose who I am morally or spiritually, amongst those who are different. I still do believe in love, ha, ha, ha, as you can see, but will it ever come… I don’t know!

Pro Media Mag : “You Never Loved Me” is your debut single. What was the inspiration behind this track?
Seraphim Aun Weor : Honestly… Fifth Element Yeshu’a, ironically it’s not a religious track as you would expect it to be, I have had my run-ins with God and have had mixed feelings of emotions that led me to question everything including why He is with me, so “You Never Loved Me” is especially special!


Pro Media Mag : What attracts you more as a music artist, performing on stage or working in studios?
Seraphim Aun Weor : Both actually, I am looking forward to starting my tour “Soul In Tacked”, but first I would like to do a series of music festivals, like “Ozzfest”, the “Voodoo Festival”, “Lollapalooza”, “Lilith Fair”, and “Coachella”!

Pro Media Mag : Are you influenced by any particular music genre?
Seraphim Aun Weor : Yes I am… I am very much influenced by the “Industrial Alternative Rock” genre and the “Christian” genre… I have to have my Holy music… (smile)!

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?
Seraphim Aun Weor : Yes I have… as I mentioned earlier I am very much preparing and looking forward to my own personal world wide tour “Soul In Tacked”, collaborating with other artist and producers, doing features on other artists tracks, and being a music producer myself!

Pro Media Mag : You are also an independent film director… tell us about some of your recent work?
Seraphim Aun Weor : I am still in contract with “Fenix Pictures” for six of my movies under “Sin Icon Motion Pictures”, the first starting off  is “Unholywood”, “The Reapers Cry”, “The Witches Brew”, which I renamed “The Witches Chant”, “Angel One Eye”, “The Sight”, “Crimson Cain” which is a series as well as “Complete The Circle Of Light… I am one of Them”, I am currently in casting for “Unholywood”, which casting will presume after the Christmas Season, since most are away visiting family!

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