Interview with multi-talented Nic Nassuet

Interview with multi-talented Nic Nassuet

This week in our interview section we will be having an interview with singer, writer, director and producer Nic Nassuet.

He  just won an Emmy for a song he wrote/sang. He has won lots of music awards, and recently some film festival awards around the world for an avant garde/experimental film he wrote, produced, and directed.

Talking about his life he says,

“My life used to be crap. I was poor as hell, and ate moldy bread from a church to get by. Now I drive my mustang convertible to a party with grammy winners where they congratulate me on my emmy win. In March my ex wife abducted our son, instead of giving up I kept going and won an emmy, two tellys, and another film festival award.”

So that will be a very interesting interview. Stay tuned to this page for the complete interview later this week.


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