Interview with Multi-Talented Kari Nissena  Actress, Producer & Biz Coach for Actors!

Interview with Multi-Talented Kari Nissena Actress, Producer & Biz Coach for Actors!

We recently interviewed a real multi talent …‘Kari Nissena’. She is an actress, producer and also a business coach for actors. She has been in the entertainment industry since childhood and has worked in many big ventures. It was a pleasure having a conversation with her. She has an inspiring and lively personality. You will definitely enjoy this conversation.

*  Pro Media Mag:  Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little about how you became a professional actress and a leading expert in coaching actors.

Sure.  I am Kari Nissena … actress, producer, and business coach for actors.  As far as how I became a professional actor and coach?  I would have to say lots and lots of hard work. Ha.  I’ve been an actress since I was a kid and all of my experience in the entertainment industry brought me to the world of helping my fellow actors through teaching and coaching.

Kari Nissena

*  Pro Media Mag:  You have had quite the acting career.  100’s of credits in film, tv, theatre, and more!  What has been your favorite acting job?

Wow… That’s a tough one.  You know what they say… “My favorite is whatever I am working on right now”!  I have so many amazing memories from so many films that it would be hard to choose. But if we’re going more specific, I can tell you a couple films and projects that really hold a special place in my heart. I was in a movie called “Callous” that was really special to me because it was based on a true story and I got to play a really complicated character that was delightfully challenging.  I got to take on a lot of challenges for that role.  It was an actor’s dream.

Another really interesting project was a series I acted in called “Group Therapy” aka “The Group”.  It was compelling, meaningful work because our series actually helped people fighting alcoholism and drug addictions.  We filmed on location for over a month and it was challenging work because of the very serious subject matter.  The shooting schedule was also very fast-paced … kind of like filming a soap, because we got new, lengthy scripts every day and had to access very strong emotions on a daily basis. All the while giving respect to the heavy subject matter, because in our case, the scripts were all based on real world problems and real case studies.

*  Pro Media Mag:  Sounds like really interesting work.  How did you get into producing? 

I think I probably was always a producer… I just didn’t know it.  But I have always been a creator.  Whether it was co-founding an improv troupe, or producing live events, I never wanted to sit around waiting for Hollywood to call.  So that meant going out and creating. A group of friends and I started a production company called Roulette Films.  The goal of our company was that we would each get our own dedicated month where we would individually decide on a film that we wanted to bring into the world and all the rest of the production team would help each other make it happen.

We created comedies called “Blindsided”, War of the Words” and “Blame it on Mars”, a horror film called “Night Out”, and a period film called “Cora’s Charm”.  There was a drama called “Angel of Mercy”. There were also other films called “Once Upon a Life”, “Four Play”, and a few other films too. We even made a project called “There’s Something About Kari”!

The goal was to make 12 films in 12 months.  And we did it.

Some of the filmmakers from Roulette also mixed and matched to produce and act in other films: “Picture Postcard”, “Unemployed Patty”, “Requiem for an Actor”, “Service”, and more!

That was a very busy, fun, and creative time for all of us.   I have always been a big believer in going out and making things happen.  And producing and creating your own content is something that I recommend that all actors do in order to take control of their careers.

*  Pro Media Mag:  Speaking of taking control of your career … please tell us about how you help other actors take control over their careers.      You have coached countless actors on the business side of the biz.

Yes. I am an acting coach with a specialty on business, press, marketing, & mindset.

*  Pro Media Mag:  Mindset is important for actor’s careers?

Absolutely.  Mindset is everything.  It affects everything from an actors audition to how they are on set, to their press and marketing.  Really…everything.

*  Pro Media Mag:  And you are known as an expert in your field when it comes to helping actors take their careers to the next level.  How do you help actors with their press and marketing?

That really depends on the individual.  My work is very personalized depending on what the actor needs.  Some actors are brand new and need to start from the ground up so they might need help on their headshots, resume, demo reels, and just getting questions answered from someone that they can trust so they don’t waste years struggling.  On the flip side, some of my advanced clients have been series regulars and starred in major films and they just need to get more auditions, get on red carpets, and get more press.  The private coaching is very customized.  My company Actor Transformation now even has programs where an actor can hire us to just get some of the biz work done for them. This is a dream come true for a lot of actors.  There really is something for every actor.   Webinars, teleseminars, one-day events, private phone coaching, work hours, VIP days, live seminars and classes, and even home study programs. Exciting times!

*  Pro Media Mag: What’s next for you?

Always busy.  Always working.  More episodes of Actor Transformation will be right around the corner.  I am booked for many events and speaking engagements. I’m developing quite a few new educational training programs for actors including “Casting Calls with Kari Nissena”.  We are also in preproduction on a comedy called “The 12 Days of Christy” and are prepping “The Guidette”, “The Audition”, and I am in the early stages of writing a script titled “Karma”.

*  Pro Media Mag:  What is the best way for our readers to follow you?

I can be found on IMDb, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Etc… by typing in Kari Nissena

And if someone wants to be a part of my community and get on my list, they can do so at:


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