Interview with multi-talented Emily Correa

Interview with multi-talented Emily Correa

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Emily Correa :My name is Emily Correa (aka Creativity Muze), and I am a certified Life Coach, Talent Scout & Creative Director of my own projects under my brand Innova X Arts. You can say my artistry is in the “creation” of “events” the combining of diverse ideas, the “matchmaking of key players in all the arts”. I don’t have a particular drive towards one art, I am educated, trained and/or experienced in Acting, Modeling the Visual Arts and the Music Industry over the last 17 years of my life, across 4 cities; Miami, NYC, Boston and now making my presence heard here in Chicago.

I’m still a Millenial, the older of the bunch, so my ideas are edgy, vivid, trendy but smart since I got the chance to read real live books too lol and disconnect. I’m old enough to know when we had walkmans and cd players (my first audio purchase) and young enough to know the voice of our youth and understand the power of social media and building both an online and in person community. There is no time better than now to move ideas swiftly.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into this profession?
Emily Correa :At 15 I applied to get into a famed high school of the Arts (Boston Arts Academy) but they rejected me for not having any theater experience. I then law of attracted two prestigious youth theater programs, did 6 months of training a piece, and reapplied. They invited in for the yearly audition, and I almost didn’t go. But I did through the support of a friend, and cold read a part from my favorite book at the time “Catcher in the Rye’. They immediately let me in the following week. Then I find out they had send me the audition letter by mistake, I was in 11th grade not 9th! They bypassed the rules, first in the history of the charter school and I ended up completing 2 years of 4 hours of conservatory style acting training.
Being from the inner city, but coming from a prep school then an arts high school background, I never had a coach really mentor me to succeed. thats why Im a coach and scout for talent, so I can give them that light that I wish I had younger and almost didn’t take myself. My whole story is on my site here:

Pro Media Mag : Tell us a little about Innova X Arts?
Emily Correa : Innova X Arts is a next level transfer of my almost 5 year NYC Artist Development called  Creative Spotlights. A “PHOENIX” that rose out of the intensity of NYC living, mixed with the glam, sensual and party-centric Miami lifestyle. It represents me as both and CREATOR and an ARTIST, who is all WOMEN, wild in spirit, street smart but educated with 3 degrees including a Masters and licensed as a Coach & Healer, a Latina, Fiery and Ambitious! Who has worked both business side and entertainment side of the industry. As I evolve so does INNOVA X.
Innova X is a brand of the FUTURE..I envisioned it living with our future generations. I named it so it can have a futuristic sound thats always “cool” as its grows up. We celebrate artistry mixed with good moments, with awesome events and promotion of our creative family.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of coaching services you provide?

Emily Correa I offer a free 30-minute session for all creatives and pros in the arts & entertainment business. Link is here: I focus on Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coaching and all my sessions are both spiritual but business strategically magical.

Pro Media Mag : What are the benefits and effects your coaching has on your clients?
Emily Correa : My clients are always surprised how I can read them very quickly, understand them and out of the blue be inspired with a new plan, product, business idea just from one conversation. As a MUZE, I literally can envision a picture of their future product, success or idea that will make them shine how I do in all my own projects. That’s the intuitive part.
They get very motivated after a session inspired, and are empowered as sometimes I am tough and assertive with them. They heal spiritually, creativity and emotionally with my sessions. Lastly, I’m a no BS person, so my direct business feedback on everything from web design to social media marketing to networking goes straight to tangible actions they can take by end of the session. I finish all sessions with Law of Attraction via 3 power mantras we co create together and a
promise between us of the actions to take over the next week.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you are getting? What’s the success rate?
Emily Correa : Over the last 5 years I have coached 500 + people, I also have 350 hours of Training as a Coach from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching since 2013. At times I have focused more on my creative projects, events, even a book, or I have worked in Corporate, but to be a COACH, a healer and directly work with someone one-on-one always pulls me and that’s my refocus for 2018. Not only be front facing again as a Coach, but be an actress again, do VLOGGING on my new CreativityMuzeTV Youtube my own art this time around. 2018 is truly a BREAK OUT YEAR for me potentially in regards of who I am, who I know and WHAT I know. I am so full of energy and knowledge on both life and the industry, good and bad, that I’m just ready to birth the next step of creative evolution for not only myself but the world.

Pro Media Mag : You also wrote a book. Our readers would like to know about that as well?
Emily Correa : I co-wrote “In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music” through my old platform, and if you want a free online copy, just go to my site under FREE Gift and snag one! It’s about 297 pages long packed full of wisdom from not only 100 Indie artists, but also 20 + veteran music industry professionals, like Lou Plaia, Co-Founder from ReverbNation, VP of SESAC, Justin Bieber’s and John Legend’s Producers etc. I also have a coaching workbook at the end of each chapter to help guide artists ending with a spiritual mantra to empower them. Get the copy! I plan to make an online course in the future!

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Emily Correa : The entertainment business is extremely difficult to navigate because it’s a journey through and towards yourself. It takes alot of bravery to listen to your inner spirit and voice and create beauty, peace and joy in this madness of world. As long as you have faith in something greater to guide and heal you, your armor up, a great team around you, a positive way to center yourself, and a clear vision of who you want to be, what you want to achieve and where you want to go, all you have to do next is just enjoy the journey and see where it takes you. That makes YOUR STORY. – EC

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