Interview with Leke Babalola – Founder of SignTech Forms

Interview with Leke Babalola – Founder of SignTech Forms

We are sharing our recent interview with Leke Babalola, Founder of SignTech Forms.

Leke Babalola -2nd from right

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduct yourself to our readers?

Leke Babalola : I am a paperless technology expert and enthusiast as well as the founder of SignTech Paperless Solutions, an innovative Paperless Forms solution that has won a number of awards and is the Number 1 organic choice for Paperless Business Forms on Google in the UK.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to launch SignTech Paperless Solutions?

Leke Babalola : It is quite an interesting story. Back in 2007/2008 I worked on deforestation projects from Jakarta, to Libaria and Bolivia – I sometimes described myself as an ‘electronic tree hugger’. A few years later I was commissioned to create a paperless form for the UK Financial Ombudsman Service a while back. Once I created the pilot project myself and my team realized that this is something that every company that uses paper based forms or processes will need. So we set about creating fast and simplified process of converting paper forms to paperless forms that can be created anywhere. Today we are the fastest growing UK Paperless Forms start-ups with over 35,000 users.
I am extremely pleased to be doing something that I have a passion for and also making a real and tangible difference to the environment for future generations.

Pro Media Mag : What exactly are the services you are providing?

Leke Babalola : The best way I can describe our products and services is that we take any paper based forms (and processes) a company has and we immediately convert them into paperless forms that can be completed on smartphones tablets and PCs in a number of minutes. We are the first company offering a fully integrated, secure and cost effective service where clients can feel the difference instantly.

Pro Media Mag : Your solution is limited to any particular field or it can be applied to any field?

Leke Babalola : As it happens our solution can be used by ANY company that has forms (paper or PDF forms). It is easy to use and we get them started in a number of minutes. I strongly urge you to contact us to find out how we can help you go paperless.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of benefit your clients will have?

Leke Babalola : Our clients have saved £millions of pounds from using our technology. In all cases they have achieved a return on their investment in less than 10 months, the average being 4.5 months.

From the case study with the Financial Ombudsman Service their savings added up to over £7.8 million year on year, as you can see these are serious figures.

We have had valuable feedback from our users, most importantly the increased customer experience felt by the customers or our clients – that is a great testimony.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?

Leke Babalola : Actual responses include a commendation from Ana Botin, the Executive Chairman of Santander who said (and I quote), “…I was very impressed with your technical solutions to reduce paper which, especially for large companies, is extremely important…”

We have since been asked to work with Santander to improve their Paperless systems and processes.

FDL Power converted to SignTech Forms in 2015 and have had all their engineers using SignTech Forms to record the servicing of generators. They have benefited from reduced costs, reduced errors, faster end to end service to their customers (from over 1 week to a matter of minutes). Again a significant improvement all round and better satisfied customers.

SignTech Forms won the UK BizTech award for ‘Best Innovative use of Technology for Business’ and is also the Number 1 organic result for Paperless Business Forms on Google from the UK.

A fast growing consultancy, Hansal International, now use SignTech Forms technology as a key solution to providing value to their customers. This is a significant breakthrough as it increases our outreach through partners that understand how they can use our technology to tangibly benefit their clients.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some target to achieve?

Leke Babalola : Our next significant target is to proliferate our service to other global regions including the US and Africa.
On another level I would like to create strategic partnerships with other organisations – even those that might consider themselves to be our competitors. I strongly believe that corporation is the best way forward to drive mutual benefit but also to benefit the customer, who we always have at the forefront of whatever we do at SignTech Forms.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Leke Babalola : As a promotion I would like to offer a further 10% discount to anyone that contacts us via this article. Simply let us know when you contact us and I will personally apply the discount.

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