Interview With Joseph Collins CEO of Punch TV Studios

Interview With Joseph Collins CEO of Punch TV Studios

We are sharing our interview with Joseph Collins CEO of Punch TV Studios.

joseph collinsPro Media Mag : Our reader would like to know more about you?
Joseph Collins :  I am Joseph Collins CEO of Punch TV Studios

Pro Media Mag : Did you get some particular experience or education before coming into this profession?
Joseph Collins : I have been working in the entertainment industry since I was 16 years old. I was once the youngest news reporter in America when I interned at WVTV in Milwaukee. Since then I have learned through a hands on approach, from mentors in entertainment and extensive research.

Pro Media Mag : When was Punch TV Studios launched and any reason behind naming it ‘Punch TV Studios’?
Joseph Collins : Punch TV Studios grew out of the initial concept which was Punch TV Network over 8 years ago. Punch TV Studios allows the company to do more than broadcast produced content, but to produce, distribute, syndicate and monetize content to a global audience, as well as allow our viewing audience to become shareholders in the company through our recent launch of our Initial Public Offering (IPO) at just $1.00 per share. The JOBS Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama and has allowed our company to sale stock to the general public, instead of to just accredited investors.

Pro Media Mag : Punch TV Studios is available worldwide or limited to some particular region or community?
Joseph Collins :  Punch TV Studios is available to anyone and everyone.

Pro Media Mag : Have ever thought something like JOBS Act will happen?
Joseph Collins : I never thought that something like the JOBS Act would happen, but what I did know what that some how, some way we were going to take Punch TV Studios public. I did not want to just have a private company. My dream; my vision was to develop movies from stories that ordinarily would never get told, and I wanted the public to be a part of that vision.

Pro Media Mag : You stocks are floated now? what are the rates and methods to buy them?
Joseph Collins : We made it very easy for people to purchase stock from the company. Just visit our website at:, click on the Invest Now Button, and follow the instructions to purchase stock. There is a lot of information, FAQ and videos that will make the entire process simple and fast!

Pro Media Mag : Where do you see Punch TV Studios in next 5 years after the JOBS ACT effect?
Joseph Collins : 5 years from now we see Punch TV Studios having been able to successfully produce, distribute and syndicate hundreds of new film and television shows. We will have been able to create thousands of new jobs, and have positioned ourselves for the next evolution of Punch TV Studios.

Pro Media Mag : Any advice for the aspiring individuals who want to start some projects like yours?
Joseph Collins : My advice is to follow your dream. Never give up. God gave each of us a vision and desire for our lives. If you just keep going you will be able to turn that small spark, or that small idea into something that has the capability to change the world!

Pro Media Mag : What’s the bet way to follow you for updates about you and Punch TV Studios?
Joseph Collins : You can follow our updates at or on Facebook and Twitter @PunchTVStudios.

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