Interview with Jeremy D. Higgs from Dashboard Media Chicago

Interview with Jeremy D. Higgs from Dashboard Media Chicago

We recently interviewed Dashboard Media a Chicago based video production company filming commercials and a new TV series Ask Leo Pizza with Chef Leo Spizzirri featuring food network and celebrity guests.

Dashboard Media

First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello my name is Jeremy D. Higgs, I am a limited partner in Dashboard Media Chicago LP. A media production company. I have a partner named Josh Aniolowski.
Dashboard Media Chicago does anything from web design to social media marketing.

What inspired you to launch Dashboard Media?
I was inspired to do more for businesses. I was excited of what could be done if you do the right things. You can really boost your online image in a short time.

What kind of commercials films you normally make?
We produce, write, direct, film, and edit films. We make videos for customers in the Chicagoland area who want to market a product or create another type of video.
We just recently released a video for Monkey Business Ink Chicago clothing company. We will be filming a fire safety device video for a company called PASSalert later this month.

Tell us about your new tv series ‘Ask Leo Pizza with Chef Leo Spizzirri’?
Chef Leo Spizzirri is a trained artisan baker, dough specialist, and was a member of the US World Pizza Champions team.
Chef Leo invites you to come along to hang out with some of his friends, some of which just so happen to be some of the best chefs from around the world.
Watch as Leo cooks amazing dishes and teaches the viewer insider tips and tricks.

You also made a documentary film ‘Be Astonished’. What was the topic of the documentary and how was the response?
We did produce a feature length documentary film called Be Astonished. The film was funded as a kickstarter project and we were so excited to be able to get a chance to film something like this. The film followed Stephen Saprid an athlete who was competing in the American Ninja Warrior tv show on NBC. We loved the response we received and the views were awesome, we received around 25 thousand. The movie is available on Amazon and on YouTube.

What’s the best project you have worked on so far?
The best project I would say we had so far would be all of them. We love the opportunity to be apart of these businesses and love that they reached out to us to film
these for them. Really I am honored to work on a project for anyone. One of the more memorable shoots was the promotional video for Monkey Business Ink Chicago Streetwear.
They had these smoke bombs that skydivers use, and they popped a few of them off and the cloud was huge. I thought we were going to get alot of attention on the set location.

Are you working on any future projects?
We are currently working on projects and are booked up until the end of this year. We are still interested in taking on some more projects and are always open to it. The PASSalert video is in the works and is awaiting approval from the local Fire Department. We may be filming inside the fire department fire training facility.

Have you set some targets for Dashboard Media to achieve?
At this point we have not really set many targets or goals for the company. We hope to be able to continue film. The only way we get to film a project is if we are hired to work on a project. Right now the Ask Leo Pizza tv series is set up for a few episodes. We are currently in the works with a pilot episode. We may see some potential there. I hope to get the show onto more networks in the future.

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