Interview with Dr Angela Wilson, Mind Power Lady

Interview with Dr Angela Wilson, Mind Power Lady

We are sharing our recent interview with Dr. Angela Wilson, Ph.D., CEO, and head coach From Achievers Resources.

Dr Angela Wilson

Pro Media Mag : Dr Angela Wilson. Nice to meet you here. We heard about you a lot.

Dr Angela Wilson: Thanks. It is my honour to be with you and share my message with your readers.


Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into the speaking and coaching business?

Dr Angela Wilson: Well, it is my dream since childhood to serve as many people as possible, but I did not know how to make it happen until Antony Robbin attracted my attention.Yes, he is the one who inspired me to take speaking and coaching as a profession to share my message.


Pro Media Mag : Tell us a little about Achievers Resources?

Dr Angela Wilson: Achievers Resources provide tailored solutions in different shape of forms for those who are determined to serve others like the entrepreneur, CEO, performer of any kind and politician, etc. We offer both online and offline. We are privileged to serve our clients from different continents remotely. From 2018, to satisfy the market demand, we are going to run yearly live seminars in Thailand. The detailed information is available at


Pro Media Mag : What kind of program do you offer?

Dr Angela Wilson: The only program we offer is a technique called Path To Liberty Secret Formula, which covers nine angles and eight levels. Each one can benefit with this unique tool to whole life journey. Those self-driven individuals and cooperate group can take full use of the packaged skills.


Pro Media Mag : What kind of benefits and effects your coaching is having on your clients?

Dr Angela Wilson: This packaged tool aims to coach clients fix and deal with the most complicated issues in the whole life journey that cover the main nine aspects in business, career and personal life, such as success, leadership, health, intimacy, parenting, adversity, diversity, life purpose and soul development.

Within 2hours, our clients can get an instant solution and on-going benefit for the rest of life, even if they are not ready go further.


Pro Media Mag :If you don’t mind, why do you think so many high achievers, celebrities end up with tragedy?

Dr Angela Wilson: It is easy to understand this kind of sad fact if we go deep. To be honest, there is no real fix from external world that can free us from the suffering. You can easily find the proof through Mr Google. So many resourceful celebrities feel powerless when facing a breakdown or a tragic ending like Steve Jobs, George Michelle, etc. The secret of a solution and real fix is from internal world, which I call it as Ultimate Self Mastery. It is different from the philosophy of any kinds or knowledge learnt from The Masters. On the contrary, it is a first-hand practice that one has to earn it through intensive coaching and mentoring if facing critical moments.


Pro Media Mag : Knowing that there are free offers to some special groups. Who are qualified for that?

Dr Angela Wilson: Yes, we do provide free offers to some types of groups, if they face financial difficulty. To check on the eligibility, just go to


Pro Media Mag : How can this secret formula contribute to global peace?

Dr Angela Wilson: You know the theory of “Action and reaction”. Global peace comes from internal peace. When we harm others, we will get it back in a different shape of forms. I felt guilty for not spreading the message on how to master self from inside, and this is why exists. The more individuals understand they eventually will get back what they produce, they will more likely make the wiser decision on action, especially for those who are in the dominant position. The world can be a better place.


Pro Media Mag : What is the key message you want to share with our readers?

Dr Angela Wilson: Don’t believe what you labelled “You are finished and there is no hope”. There is always a breakthrough, as long as you are open enough to “Path To Liberty Secret Formula” tool to the level needed.


Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to contact you?

Dr Angela Wilson: If clients need urgent support, the quickest way to reach me out is to book an appointment through, as I offer 24hrs service. Otherwise, one can reach me out on web message.

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