Interview with Cindy Qu aka Lovenemy

Interview with Cindy Qu aka Lovenemy


Cindy Qu aka Lovenemy is a transpacific philosopher, writer, and artist. Currently working on her two books – “Lovenemy” and “The Self-Made Networker”, she also creates philosophical and inspirational quotes to motivate people and bring about social change. As a self-taught artist, she enjoys traveling to explore and capture the beauty and wonder of life. The ordinary people from all walks of life and every corner in the world are her muses and heroes.

Please introduce yourself.

First, thank you for having me here. I’m honored to be featured in your amazing magazine which introduces a lot of talented people from the world.

About myself, my name is Cindy Qu, aka Lovenemy. I’m a philosopher, writer and artist who flies frequently for work between the U.S. and Asia. New York City is where I normally spend time when in the U.S.


Sounds quite interesting as we have not met many artists who are associated with other titles like philosopher and/or writer. Tell us what made you the way you are.

Good question! Life, life is what made me the way I am. It may sound very general and vague, but it is true! You know, one thing in common I found among these three genres – art, philosophy and writing – which I’m so passionate about, is that you must really enjoy what life brings you or throws at you to excel. I treat every encounter in life as an opportunity to explore and grow. Some encounters might not be the most optimal you’d imagine initially, but afterwards you just find that you’ve advanced yourself so much because of them.

It is so incredible and so powerful to realize this in the end. At this point, you want so bad to create – to reflect on those encounters, the places, the people and the emotions, and you want so bad to capture those enlightening sparks. It turns out eventually that art, philosophy and writing all align with each other in recording and uplifting life.


That’s very refreshing and inspiring to hear. So tell us more about your works in philosophy and writing.

Sure. First, I’d like to clarify one misunderstanding people normally have about philosophy: Quite a few of them may think philosophers are sitting on some kind of high horses and barely know anything about the real life. This is fundamentally wrong. I am advocating to make philosophy appear as more like daily wisdom. So I’ve created many personal quotes to encourage people this way.

For example, we all have experienced adversity to some extent in our life. I have many quotes dedicated to the struggles with adversity and the takeaways from a triumph against it. Also, I enjoy sharing my feelings about those little joys in everyday life which I think produce the most long lasting happiness. In general, these philosophical quotes of mine are meant to stimulate people’s new views and thoughts about the world we live in.

Regarding my writings, I’m currently working on two books – titled “Lovenemy” and “The Self-Made Networker”, a memoir and a networking guide respectively. The memoir is based on my stories fighting against misfortune and adversity to grow into a stronger and better person who starts to realize and embrace her own destiny. The networking guide will be a fun book sharing my tips in navigating the way towards solid relationship building. Please stay tuned for both. You won’t be disappointed!


Anything else about yourself you would like to share with us?

Yes, last but not least, I’d like to mention art. I’m a visual artist specializing in photography. But I do photography for pleasure mostly, which I think gives me an edge to capture those portraits and scenes many of my professional peers may easily fail to notice. I enjoy shooting with a $300 camera phone and a tripod. Many times in my portrait shoots, I’m my “all in one” team, serving as the model and stylist too. This kind of experiences make me fit in any job that requires wearing many hats. I found it cool.

Wonderful, thank you for joining us and sharing your unique stories. We look forward to seeing more of your works in the future!

Thank you so much! It is such an honor and pleasure to interview with you. I will keep everyone in the loop about my future endeavors and progresses for sure!


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