Interview with Anmol Singh, the Founder and CEO of the Live Traders

Interview with Anmol Singh, the Founder and CEO of the Live Traders

We recently interview a successful stock and Forex trader and the CEO and founder of Live Traders Anmol Singh.

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Pro Media Mag : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Anmol Singh : I started trading during my early college years without much luck. After a year or so I discovered a pattern that allowed me to go from 0 to a profitable trader. To date, I have generated a lot of profits for myself and my investors in trading wins and continue to remain a stock and forex trader. I am also an avid real estate investor with a large portfolio and have funded two other tech based companies.Today I spend most of my day managing funds and working with students of Live Traders which I co-founded in 2014

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into trading?
Anmol Singh : I was inspired to get into trading mainly with a motivation for creating financial freedom for myself and my family. The lifestyle and the money involved was the only motivation I had when I started out. Eventually on my path to learning this craft I came across many traders who had achieved the level of success I desired. I learn from all those I met along the way and still do.

Pro Media Mag : What influenced you to launch Live Traders?
Anmol Singh : Initially it started out as just me trading for myself. Eventually that caught the attention of a popular trading firm that had asked me to trade for them, they provided me the capital in exchange for a % of profits I would make them. I did really well in their program and was then asked to run the live trading room showing other students how and what i am trading, that eventually led into me teaching courses and seminars for that company. That later led into my branching out and doing this on my own as many students desired a more transparent environment which my previous firm failed to deliver on.

Pro Media Mag : What are the main services you are providing to your clients?
Anmol Singh : We provide them training and educational courses where they can learn our strategies and how to implement those in their own trading. Apart from that we also offer a world class Live trading room where members get to trade along side us live each day. They get to see our screens and hear our audio while we are trading in realtime, just like they were sitting with us in a office. For those who are serious about taking this up as a career, we also provide the funds required to trade in exchange for a percentage of what you will make trading with us.

Pro Media Mag : Your clients belong to some specific field or area?
Anmol Singh : Our clients are a diverse set of people. Some are hungry young aspiring traders in school or college looking to take their financial independence in their own hands and then we also have retired seniors who are just taking control of their investments and generating some extra passive side income. One common characteristic of those who do well with our program are an Open mind and the willingness to learn.

Pro Media Mag : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Anmol Singh : I would suggest the readers to really think about if trading or investing is something they would like to get involved with. That is the first step to determining if this is the correct path for you.

Pro Media Mag : What do you do in your off days or free time?
Anmol Singh : I don’t believe in free time, Time is time so just make sure you use it wisely.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Anmol Singh : I believe in setting micro goals aka goals that you set as soon as you wake up. These are typically goals you intend to achieve within the next 24 hours. Setting micro goals is highly effective as eventually after completing a bunch of micro goals, you will be much closer to achieving the big vision.

Pro Media Mag : How can someone contact you to avail your services?
Anmol Singh : Best way is for people to follow me anywhere on social media. My handle/user ID on twitter and Instagram is DeltaNinety, I would also suggest the readers to download and read our Free eBook on Trading on our website

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