Interview with an award-winning entrepreneur Kyle Kane

Interview with an award-winning entrepreneur Kyle Kane

Kyle Kane is an award-winning entrepreneur, founding principle and CEO of 180 South Group, overseeing the multimodal marketing and production efforts, as well as client relations amongst many of the world’s premier artists and brands

Pro Media Mag : First of all please tell us about the start of your professional career.
Kyle Kane :

Well, I suppose my career as an entrepreneur started when I was seven years old; in the hallways of Lenox School, I was trading shiny new basketball cards of no-name players for older cards, like Michael Jordan rookie cards, which turned out to be pretty valuable. Fast forward through my college years, and I formed a small team to construct an innovative platform for artist & brand partnerships. After learning the ropes in music and entertainment, I helped to build a few film studios for original content production. And after winning a few awards, I decided it was time to laser focus on production, specially curating memorable experiences through festivals and live events. Now, I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into this industry?
Kyle Kane : I was inspired by my friends, whom are artists and were thirsty for creative outlets; by my colleagues, whom are the geniuses behind the monetization models of sensory experiences; and mostly importantly by God, through learning the journey of the soul, and coming to terms with the fact that we don’t have much time on this planet. See in this new “world of the five senses”, experiences are more valuable than money. So to own and curate memorable experiences that impact the lives of those around me, and the lives of millions around the globe, is my way of giving back, of
efficiently using the gifts I’ve been given and honoring my sacred relationship to the universe.

Pro Media Mag : What was the reason / idea behind launching ‘180 South Group’?
Kyle Kane : The idea of 180 South was that at the time, artists and brands didnt speak the same language. Artists didn’t speak the language of impressions-per-dollar, and brands didn’t know anything about creative content. In comes 180 South, a sort of translator between the two, insuring artistic integrity is upheld, while allowing companies to efficiently monetize significant investments into influential music and film talent.

Pro Media Mag : Your clients belong to some specific field of life?
Kyle Kane : For us, a brand is a brand. Whether it’s an artist releasing a new song or film, or whether it’s a company releasing a new product or service, the workflow and logistics are the same. 180 South represents some of the worlds premier artist and brands across dozens of industry verticals.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
Kyle Kane : 180 South was ranked #13 Fastest Growing Company by INC., and #24 in Global Marketing and Advertising. I have also received many awards on behalf of 180 South, including the Corporate Culture award alongside Russel Simmons and Ariana Huffington.

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