Interview with an actor and entrepreneur ‘Jamel Baines’

Interview with an actor and entrepreneur ‘Jamel Baines’

We recently interviewed Jamel Baines a raising star headed to the top. An actor and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles California, he did 3 featured movies this year. We are sharing our conversation here.

Jamel Baines

Pro Media Mag :First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Jamel Baines : I’m Jamel Baines a motivated individual who taking chances on his dreams and I believe they will come true.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to become an actor?
Jamel Baines : I always felt like I wanted to be a creative person but didn’t know really how to go about it, but when I was younger I can Remember watching Nickelodeon and the “Nick Cannon Show” came on television, at that moment i said I want to do what he do, I was very inspired to follow in those same foot steps to be a creator of my own entertainment career. Nick Cannon inspired me, because at the time I didn’t see nobody on television that look like me, that helped me see a vision of me doing something awesome.

Pro Media Mag : You recently did 3 feature films, what’s your role in them?
Jamel Baines : Yes! I was able to book a small role with actress Denise Richards on a movie called Attitude, it’s airplane movie where the plane gets hijacked I play a first class passager, super fun movie and Denise was super nice.

This other movie called “Gemini” with Zoe Kravitz I got surprised with getting this movie because I was cast last minute, played a police officer that come to investigate some scenes. This movie comes out 2017.

The other film was a Chinese feature “Mighty House” its was super fun to be in a international movie, its about a big time boss who has a crew of bodyguards who kick ass for him. While he go against another big boss! I can’t give to much away lol but I play the boss right hand man. I had to speak Chinese on some scenes. That film will be lunched online in China soon.

Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any other new project?
Jamel Baines : umm right now I’m just writing up some projects of my own, but I’m still auditioning let’s see what happens something new might come up.

Pro Media Mag : What has been your best acting venture so far?
Jamel Baines : I haven’t had a that experience yet, but I am looking forward to a venture like that. keeping my fingers crossed.

Pro Media Mag : What are your future goals as an artist?
Jamel Baines : I’ve been surviving for so long my goal now is to strive and because a better Jamel Baines, inspire and to motivate people to believe they can achieve there goals if you simply just try.

Pro Media Mag : You are also an entrepreneur.Tell us about the nature of your work?
Jamel Baines : Right now relate state been my focus, but my pass work has been start up company’s I helped build a production studio called Penthouse 1050 ground up. That was fun we made good money there. I’ve been involved with apps beta testing even running live with them my recent one is a delivery car rental app. I’m always looking for new opportunities I can go on forever lol .

Pro Media Mag : Your clients belong to any particular field of life?
Jamel Baines : Not really I’m always looking to network with people who are believers and who are passionate on there craft. I give everybody a chance to show who they are, the biggest problem is convincing me.

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