Interview with actor and producer Adam Horner

Interview with actor and producer Adam Horner

We are sharing our recent interview with British actor and producer Adam Horner.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into entertainment industry?

Adam Horner : I was inspired very young. As a child my family and I attended many local theatre productions, mainly pantomimes at Christmas and my sisters annual dance shows. I can remember sitting, almost every show wanting to be on stage. At the age of 6 or 7 I asked my parents to sign me up to some local drama classes, and it all began from there.

Pro Media Mag : What attracts you more, producing films, commercials, Music Videos or tv shows ?

Adam Horner : They’re all different for different reasons. Films are great, especially if its either a script that I really like or something that’s action heavy. But they can be very challenging and take a lot of long nights and dedication to produce. TV shows are like long movies, which I do prefer, as they last longer after a while you get into a bit more of a groove with the production. Commercials are generally super fun to work on. They’re short lived and usually much larger per day budgets. The longest commercial shoot I have ever done was 4 days for Kia. Music Videos are crazy. Because we do a lot of music Videos for a lot of rappers and large international artists. We’re generally shooting in the massive mansions and luxury cars. We’ve even worked a lot with exotic animals on our music videos. Including a Giraffe, Cheetah and once we had a Baby Tiger (super cute). I am certainly a person that needs variety in my work and am super thankful I get to produce all 4 but if I had to order it, I’d say TV, Film, Commercial, Music Video.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being a producer?

Adam Horner : The ability to think up something in your head, as crazy as it seems, and have the ability to see that idea from it’s inception all the way through to distribution. These project are with you for years so finally seeing it out there and available to the public.

Adam Horner On the set of new TV show CROSSROADS (2021)
Adam Horner On the set of new TV show CROSSROADS (2021)

Pro Media Mag : You have produced a number of music videos. Anyone of these that’s your favorite?

Adam Horner : There are a few. We’ve had a lot of fun with music videos over the years. International Love – Snoop Dogg sticks out in my mind as one of my favorites. There was a lot of fun had on that set. Another favorite is a video I produced along side one of my partners Kate Tumanova Fine – Mike Shinodo. Give that video a watch. It’s badass!

Adam Horner and Producer Kate Tumanova at the National Association of Television Program Executives, Miami 2019
Adam Horner and Producer Kate Tumanova at the National Association of Television Program Executives, Miami 2019

Pro Media Mag : Aside from acting and producing, what Is an interesting fact we don’t yet know about you?

Adam Horner : During the Covid 19 quarantine I have developed an unhealthy addiction to a TLC show call 90 Day FiancŽ. Don’t ask.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the biggest achievement in your career so far?

Adam Horner : Cypher the TV show that will be coming out soon. It’s extremely difficult to get a TV show off the ground, it’s much easier to get an independent movie off the ground. We managed to produced a full season independently and we’re all very happy with the results. Certainly a show to keep your eye out for.

Cypher The TV Show

Pro Media Mag : You have a number of upcoming projects as producer. We came to know you are also acting in a couple of those. We would love you to share some more details.

Adam Horner : Yes! 2020 is a big year for releases. I have 3 movies coming out. Coven starring Emmy nom Terri Ivens and myself, Escape: Puzzle of Fear starring Omar Gooding Jr and Nick Tuturro, and The Last Exorcist starring Danny Trejo and myself! Very exciting times.

Coven Poster
Coven Poster

Pro Media Mag : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you online?

Adam Horner : Instagram! @Adamhorner_

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