Interview With A Young Entrepreneur and Public Speaker,  Michael Valor

Interview With A Young Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, Michael Valor

We are sharing here, our recent interview with Michael Valor, a 21 year old entrepreneur and public speaker focused on bringing real change to many different industries including energy, economics, education, health, and food.


Pro Media Mag : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Michael Valor :  My name is Michael Valor, but my last name hasn’t always been Valor. Before I took on my definite purpose, I was a class clown and a trouble maker in school. Throughout high school, my infamy came from the amount of In School Suspensions I could get in one week. I was not motivated, my only vision for myself was the idea that I could be a plumber because I knew toilets weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. There is one moment that changed it all for me though and it was in my math class with a teacher named Mr. Pross, I didn’t know it at the time but Mr. Pross was about to become my first mentor, the moment I’m alluding to was when he called me out in front of the entire class. I had just landed a job with a local newspaper company, and I was showing off my new position by going to school in suits that were two sized too big and unkempt ties that went past my belt line. He, in front of the entire class, says, “I have a book you should read, and this is not a school assignment”, I scoffed, a book? and it wasn’t even for a grade?? There was no way, I will never forget my response, “I don’t do reading”. He chuckled and responded calmly, “What if I told you the only thing between you and a six-figure income was 150 pages?” He challenged me in front of the entire class! I was Mr. Business, I swallowed my pride, went up to the front of the room and grabbed the book off his desk, “The Magic of Thinking Big”. I’m happy to say that my life has never been the same since that moment. I am dedicated to showing people the meaning of Valor: the courage to overcome. I adamantly believe that one thing that ties all humans together is that we are all trying to overcome some sort of obstacle, no matter who you are, or where you come from.  My purpose is to show the world that anyone can overcome anything. My vision is large and it includes everyone on this planet, my intention fuels me with a burning passion and I am guided by something entirely outside of myself. I’m a firm believer in human potential and I want to be a shining example for that potential.


Pro Media Mag : Was there any kind of inspiration or motivation behind your success at such young age?
Michael Valor : The challenge to read “The Magic of Thinking Big” was a huge catalyst in my life. Mr. Pross told me that I had an incredible speaking ability and that I needed to talk more in front of more people, with the right message. My whole life I was told by teachers to shut up and now this one was telling me to do it more. He made me believe I actually had a gift. This forced me to look inward to realize that I could be so much more than just a plumber. My launching pad was my experience with Amway, the amount of self-development I put in, and the amount of success and failures I experienced in that year and a half period, paved the way for the accomplishments I would have the next 3 years following that period of my life. Amway also tested my leadership, I was now responsible for the growth of my team, forcing myself into a leadership position made me rise to the occasion and inspired rapid growth.

Pro Media Mag : You broke the record for the fastest to reach Executive Director. You must be very excited with this achievement?
Michael Valor : This achievement was very exciting. I HAVE to give all credit to the team behind me that made it possible. I will say that the amount of attention and passion that I put into this team, far before we joined LegalShield, made breaking this record seem like a no-brainer. I had never seen my team work so hard for a common goal and the way it brought us together was beautiful and extremely humbling. I’ll never forget the last night of the push to hit ED, we were 30 sales short of hitting our goals with literally 5 hours left in the day. We had a conference that night because we knew it would be essential in hitting our goal. I don’t know if it was just the collective consciousness that inspired everyone to take part in hitting this goal, or if it was the teams’ energy that night as we all presented in front of the group we had there. But what happened after the one-hour long presentation was nothing short of miraculous, 17 people signed up as associates or customers on the spot, that gave us 4 hours or so to make as many calls as we could, to close the last 13 sales. We were on the phone until the very last second and no one on the team was taking no for an Michael Valor. It was just another testament to the power of a mastermind and the power of one common goal. There was never a doubt in my mind that we were going to hit it. We have since used that moment as proof that when we come together as a group that there is literally nothing that we cannot do.

Pro Media Mag : Our readers would like to know about your different accolades?
Michael Valor : CEO/Founder of a successful marketing and advertising firm for small businesses, Average Joe Promo. President/Founder of a youth club called Youth Government Association, which aims to inform youth on local municipal happenings. Inventor of an innovative bus shelter called “ECO-Seats”, a bus shelter that is made of 100% recycled plastic and uses solar panel technology to power its features like an AI system and a POS system. Chief Youth Development Officer for the World Future Society, an organization that has dedicated itself to be a leader in supporting trailblazing technologies. President/Founder of the Global Development Federation, an organization dedicated to helping countries make leaps in energy, water and healthcare. Chief Self Development Officer for WoTaBu, a network marketing company dedicated to giving people the opportunity to make travel and residual income an obtainable lifestyle. Founder of the non-profit, Raleigh Reach Out, which is dedicated to helping poverty-stricken individuals learn how to work for themselves by getting lessons from a community of coaches in the Raleigh area. I am also responsible for the creation of my self-development program, ” NAME OF PROGRAM ”

Pro Media Mag : You are also an inspiring public speaker. what are the main topics you focus on?
Michael Valor : A rule to success that I like to call “The Law of Eventual Certainty”, which basically touches on the fact that if you keep at something, and you keep celebrating success and correcting failures, you will, no matter what, eventually reach your goal. Three key components of building momentum: Desire, Belief, Focus. Key points on each component. The concept of being a Soldier of Success. A Soldier of Success is someone who realizes the power of habits and the compounding effect of those habits. The importance of FEELING rich, and feeling your way through your journey to the desire that you determined for yourself. I allude to my journey, books I have read, and lessons I have learned from mentors and experiences along the way.


Pro Media Mag : After so many achievements, what is your next goal or mission?
Michael Valor : To be honest, I want to be the leader of the team that changes the world. The first step for our team is energy. Once we can solve this issue, it’ll be a domino effect that impacts millions if not billions of people. I want to work with countries, scientists, and business leaders across the world. I have been preparing for this part of my mission my entire life.

Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any new project?
Michael Valor : Right now I am working on our self-development program. I wrestled with the idea of coming out with any content, because of my age and because I am a man of action rather than theory and philosophy. But, all arrows pointed towards this being a huge benefit to my network and the people who look up to me so I decided to go for it. It’s been very exciting getting in the studio and hearing myself come out with some of these concepts that I just took for granted. Even my mastermind, who has been with me since the beginning, is learning a lot from the content and that’s really exciting.

Pro Media Mag : Any advice for those who want to become an entrepreneur?
Michael Valor : A part of me wants to give you a one-liner that encompasses everything! The other part of me wants to just link you to my entire self-development program! I am so passionate about bringing value but I’ll keep this directed towards those who are right on the edge of making a decision. Think about what you’re trying to do, think about what you feel like you can contribute to your community. The advice I have is that if this idea, whatever pops in your head, gets you excited and it makes your heart speed up or it makes you smile unconsciously than you HAVE to start taking the steps towards realizing this vision because it is your calling. Start somewhere and just take little steps every day and watch the momentum start to grow. Pick up a book, start to realize the power of your mind, start taking action on the little intuitions you have in your head, and remain passionate every step along the way. YOU WILL FAIL, you will experience setbacks, these are necessary and they show you are on the right path. If earlier when you thought about what you’re trying to do and it made you feel bad, then my challenge to you is to ask yourself why it makes you feel bad and determine what the real fear is that is holding you back from feeling good about what you feel like you can contribute.

I truly want to keep giving advice but I think that’s a great starting point for any entrepreneur, to summarize, get out of your freaking head, and just start DOING THE THING, and it will give you power and confidence.

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