Interview With A World-Renowned Author, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Speaker, & Therapist ‘Treyce’

Interview With A World-Renowned Author, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Speaker, & Therapist ‘Treyce’

We are sharing here our recent interview with Treyce, the World-Renowned Author, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Speaker, & Therapist. Definitely this interesting interview about her life and career will prove to be so much informative for our readers.


Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
Treyce : Since 1987, Treyce has been a world-renowned expert who has worked on high profile criminal cases to include testifying in court as an expert witness. She has also been an international law enforcement trainer, Criminal Minds consultant, a long-term forensic volunteer for Find Me, and has been interviewed by media outlets such as TruTV, CBS, ABC, Crime Watch Daily and more.

Treyce has been featured internationally on television and radio shows and, in addition to presenting to audiences across the world with John Asaraf, Bob Proctor, Natalie Ledwell, Bruce Lipton, and Sunny Dawn Johnston, she continues to speak across the world on topics such as: criminal mentality, intuition, trauma healing, spirituality, changing ones handwriting to change their lives, teaching cursive in schools, forensic handwriting analysis, and much more.

Treyce has a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminology as well as a Doctorate in Eastern Psychology with field experience totaling over 30 years. As a result of healing herself from decades of bullying and severe, repeated trauma at the hands of loved ones, in 1987, she became the first person in world history to create a cognitive behavioral, evidence-based yet holistic / alternative mental health program which she calls “Handwriting Formation Therapy” (HFT).

Since it’s conception, HFT has not only helped thousands of private individuals, aged 7 – 99, across the world heal from past trauma, discover clarity or their life purpose, learn to forgive and let go of anger, fear of failure or self-doubt, repair relationships, improve grades, discontinue psychological medications, conquer addictions, end PTSD and other behavioral issues, and more, HFT alone has been 100% successful in completely stopping juvenile crime recidivism rates since 2006.

In addition to creating the HFT program, Treyce also opened Written Escape Clinics International in 1987 at the age of 22. Due to having many trained, certified, and licensed therapists working with her, she is able to travel while “helping heal the world one letter at a time”. When she is not traveling, she helps her husband in their successful financial planning business.

Finally, Treyce is the author of 21 books with her most recent being her autobiographical series: Raven & the Willow Tree.

Pro Media Mag : Education or experience what has proved to be more crucial in your life?
Treyce : I knew at age 13 that I wanted to study Forensic Psychology. Forensic handwriting analysis studies the very finest measurements of one’s subconscious, conscious, and superconscious and having a psychology or sociology background is very helpful in the pursuit of highly tuned skills.

Pro Media Mag : You have featured on several television and radio shows as speaker. Good speaking skills a God gifted quality or you have developed with the passage of time ?
Treyce : I am a Leo astrological sign… the world is my stage. I never went through the “butterflies” when speaking in public to large masses. I have shared the stage with many incredibly well known individuals and, for me, thousands of people are much easier to speak to or in front of than a small group. I used to get very anxious if the group was smaller than 50 people. Now I can speak to anyone. I think the ability to speak publicly is a science. Strategic placement of words, real-life scenarios, and “selling without selling” is incredibly important. I think one can be born with the natural ability to be articulate but nothing really gives you providen skills until you just do it as often as possible.

Pro Media Mag : You have worked on so many high profile criminal cases. What was the toughest case to work on ?
Treyce : I think “tough” comes in all forms. For example, I worked two cases close together that were eerily similar – both ruled a suicide but neither one was suicidal. Both are pretty “famous” cases in their own right – Nikki LaDue January and Ricky Dyer. In the handwriting – neither one of these individuals were suicidal. I know forensically-speaking, that these were homicides. Then, another one that haunts me is where I told the Sheriff’s Department that one of their deputies was dangerous and likely to kill someone. They did not believe me – saying he was “highly decorated”. I stuck to my analysis and – 30 days later – he was arrested for shooting his wife in her head at close range. There are many more and, as you can see, many are tough in their own way.

Pro Media Mag : Our readers would like to know about your mental health program “Handwriting Formation Therapy” (HFT)?
Treyce : Handwriting Formation Therapy is a science that allows a person to change personality traits by changing their handwriting. … In 1987, I became the first person in international history to create and copyright a combined handwriting and therapy program (HFT) such as this. Handwriting Formation Therapy is a science that allows a person to change personality traits by changing their handwriting.  The introduction of these new handwriting exercises will gradually retrain the subconscious mind therefore eliminating the undesirable traits.  HFT cannot change what has previously occurred in your life but it can utilize the same internal energy to eliminate the pain of the past and create a more productive future. Since its inception in 1987, our evidence-based program has helped thousand of people take control of their lives.  If you are between 7-99, we can help you from the comfort of your own home. When you change your handwriting, you create a new neurological association in your brain and this creates new thought processes and behaviors. The more often that you write your new way, the stronger those neuropathways become.  Our thoughts and emotions are processed through the motor cortex part of the brain, sending the message to the arm and hand yet still interlinked with our mind. During the writing process, a person’s thoughts and feelings are translated onto the paper through their handwriting. Therefore, everything coming from the subconscious gets written on paper, so we can spot patterns that relate to personality traits. Therefore, what you write is conscious, but how you write is subconscious. Because of your HFT Journey you will no longer have to succumb to past triggers or re-victimization!  HFT is so powerful that people have been able to: stop psychotropic medications forever, reverse symptoms of mental illness, talk again after a stroke, stop suicidal ideations, quiet their OCD/PTSD/and anxiety symptoms, stop addictions, stop their recidivism, leave abusive relationships, strengthen broken relationships, weaken their Dyslexic/ADHD/Autism symptoms and much more.  HFT has even revealed a few brain disorders that the individuals did not know they had and HFT ultimately saved their lives!  HFT is an evidence-and-home-based psychological therapy method that works completely opposite of traditional therapy programs. Traditional therapy only concentrates on the treatment of the mind and uses “talking” as the primary method to work through or cope with issues.  This is usually a waste of time (and money)!  Besides, do you really want to tell your story one more time?  In traditional therapy, people tend to come home more sad, more angry, or more emotional after the appointment.  Those in traditional therapy programs usually feel “stuck” and cannot claim any sort of improvement or success. We hear from people everyday that say they have gone to traditional therapists for years even though they do not feel that it helped. Unlike traditional therapy which considers your psychological imbalance  as”negative” and “problematic”, we view it as a place that needs self-understanding and self-healing in order to thrive. We do not focus treatment on your past. You cannot change it so why relive it?  Instead, we are focused on helping you thrive from where you are now and as you progress into the future.

Pro Media Mag : Author, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Speaker & Therapist. How do you manage all that on the same time?
Treyce : Thankfully I can pick and choose where I spend my time; the benefit of being self–employed. The forensic casework, speaking, and writing are all done as I have time so I can focus on other things on a more full time basis.

Pro Media Mag : You are also a professional Author with 21 books on your credit. What’s your best selling book so far?
Treyce :  My best-seller is “Manifest the Write Way”. This book uses part of my HFT program to guide readers to a more powerful physical, mental, and spiritual place in which to manifest their desires. By making power graphological changes in a specific order, they become more spiritually aware, increase focus, hope, and optimism along with getting rid of low self-esteem, negative self talk, and other self sabotaging behaviors. There are graduated exercises included to help the reader put all they learned into action without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. This is not another “law of attraction” book. However you will think, you will believe, and you can achieve by following the instructions inside.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to follow you or find updates about you online?
Treyce :,, are all of my websites – each with different but complimentary information. In fact, going to you can get 75+ instant-access freebies.

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