Interview with a paranormal youtuber Sabrina Bell

Interview with a paranormal youtuber Sabrina Bell

We are sharing our interview with Sabrina Bell, a paranormal youtuber, she also do paranormal investigations sometimes.

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us a little about yourself.
Sabrina Bell :
First thing people tell me when they meet me is that I’m super crazy ( in a good way, mostly) haha I consider myself a pretty down to earth person. I absolutely love spooky stories, horror movies
and all of that, but I also scare easy when it comes to darker stuff. Coffee & tequila are my absolute favorite drinks, I love going out with friends and just having fun no matter what. I try to always keep a positive attitude and enjoy every second of every day with love and joy!

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get start a youtube channel?
Sabrina Bell :
I’ve always wanted to have a ” show ” on the internet like
icarly.. and it just happened! Couldn’t be happier!

Pro Media Mag : You use to have a general youtube channel and a couple of years ago you changed it to horror channel. Any specific reason or incident behind this ?
Sabrina Bell :
Oh yes! I just created a channel to talk about whatever I wanted.. Kind of like a diary! But then every year around Halloween time.. I would post spooky videos only and that was my absolute favorite thing to do, so I realised that’s what I should be doing every day, or whenever I want. That’s how my channel became a paranormal channel.

Pro Media Mag :What kind of stuff you are uploading to your channel. And what are your next plans about the contents of your channel?
Sabrina Bell :
Lately I’ve been uploading a lot of urban legend videos, but I have the Halloween series coming up soon in October.
I’ll be uploading for 31 days straight. It’s tradition on my channel!

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
Sabrina Bell :
My viewers seem to enjoy my videos because we all have a similar taste.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being a Youtuber?
Sabrina Bell :
The best part about being a youtuber is.. I get to do what I love whenever I want! I get to create and just do whatever really.. When it comes to being creative! I have met so many great people because of youtube and I’m incredibly grateful for that. I absolutely love creating and having my own little space to do that. Youtube is my safe haven tbh

Pro Media Mag : You have also done some modeling a few years back. How was the experience?
Sabrina Bell :
Oh yes! I wouldn’t call it modeling but it was back when I was in my teens..
I was what they call ” my space model ” I don’t even know. hahah Well, that experience was kind of weird to be honest.. I had a lot of creeps getting my pictures and creating fake accounts with my name, etc.. Which is why I had to change my name.

Pro Media Mag : What about paranormal investigations, are you taking it seriously? Learning something?
Sabrina Bell :
Yess! I haven’t done many but I want to. I need to learn more… My goal is to get better and better at it each day. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this and will be posting more paranormal investigation videos soon. But I prefer to stick to the basics.. ( Urban legends, scary stories, etc.. )

For further details you can visit her youtube channel or follow her on social media usernames @ssabbell

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