Interview with a multi-talented music artist “Pato Motown”.

Interview with a multi-talented music artist “Pato Motown”.

Pato Motown has been recently linked with Mega Music Producers Ron St. Germaine, Detail, Jens Gad and of course his mentor from Detroit, Mr. Porter (AKA Kon Artist of D12) all embraced his music and helped craft him into the artist he is becoming today. Pato’s newest song is a must hear and really actually very refreshing and catchy! May 25th 2017 Pato will be premiering the hot new Music Video for “Ride Out” on VEVO and Pandora! Definitely check out more from this artist making his way up in Michigan and around the nation right now!

We recently had a conversation with him. The conversation was about his life, professional career and his recent release Ride Out.

Pro Media Mag : Our readers would like to know about the start of your professional career.
Pato Margetic : I have been writing songs forever since a young age, but I would say I became a true professional when my music video for “Cold” premiered on television worldwide. It was on “New, Now, Next” Artists you need to know and I was alongside Adele and Kesha at the time! It was an amazing moment in my career and since then I have been really busy working and building as an independent artist.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Pato Margetic : My Mom and Dad were always really supportive of me playing music and actually pushed and complimented my talents growing up, so I would say my Mom and Dad both equally inspired me to do what I love and be in the music industry.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your recently release “RIDE OUT”?
Pato Margetic : “Ride Out” is one of those songs that I believe it’s me. I love the beat and sound so much and producer by Dre Butterz (@DreButterz313) really pushed me to take my voice places it’s never been. The song’s message is really just one of those situations about reminiscing of the one that got away. Recording the song was really cool because the raw demo started in my home studio, to being mixed at Eminem’s Studio in Ferndale Michigan on an analog board. Not to mention the amazing Music Video directed by my younger brother who lives with me at our house and the whole project overall is just simply amazing and humbling to me!

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Pato Margetic : So far, all my friends and family are seriously loving the song. They say it has the head bobbing effect, and the visuals are flooring everyone too because we took our idea of a James Bond style look and added in a little action story. “Ride Out” is definitely getting love from all my Motowners

Pro Media Mag : What attracts you more performing on stage or working in studios?
Pato Margetic : Performing live is my ultimate favorite thing! I would say that is my strength as well overall as well! My full band is really amazing and they teach me more every tim we jam, so I am just as excited as the audience every-tim I get on stage with them, and when I’m solo I love to be in the moment and really feel and think about the songs I’m performing

Pro Media Mag : What’s your favorite music genre?
Pato Margetic : My go too genre is R&B.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?
Pato Margetic : To keep it simple, I just want to continue making music full time while discovering new inspirations and telling the stories of them.

Pro Media Mag : What’s your next project after ‘ride out’?
Pato Margetic : My next project is an acoustic cover and original album. I’ll be putting this one on Bandcamp which will include a variety of acoustic songs I’ve written along the way. I just feel like sharing more music lately and picking out this collection of acoustics both covers and originals felt right. Until then, look out for “RIDE OUT” May 25th everywhere!

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