Interview with a Director, Producer and Actor ‘Alexandre Alonso’

Interview with a Director, Producer and Actor ‘Alexandre Alonso’

Alexandre Alonso is a 22 years old director, producer, and actor in Brazil. He has acted among Brazilians superstars and even American fellows in Cadillac Respect. My age? 22 years old. His last film COMPLEXED was selected in two film festivals and many more to come!

We recently got an opportunity to interview him for our magazine.

Pro Media Mag: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into the entertainment industry?
Alexandre Alonso: Hello, my name is Alexandre Alonso, I am a Brazilian film director, producer, and actor. My journey began in 2010 with a collective of people and friends. We had a YouTube channel where we would post humor sketches and short films.

Pro Media Mag: Are you inspired by someone in the industry?
Alexandre Alonso: By a lot of people, from local actors, to people like Wagner Moura ( NARCOS) or Rodrigo Santoro ( Westworld), Brazilian actors who are making big in Hollywood. I also really like people, that like me are in the indie scene, people who love independent cinema.

Pro Media Mag: Your last film ‘COMPLEXED’ was selected in two film festivals. Tell us more about that?
Alexandre Alonso: Yes! Complexed it’s a biofilm, so It’s damn personal. And making into these festival’s, like the Los Angeles Cine Fest It’s just great, rewarding. These festivals gather films, that are on a very low budget and showcase them to the world.

Pro Media Mag: What’s the best part of being an actor?
Alexandre Alonso: Being able to let loose, emotions, fears, and the deep and troubled. All the beauty and peace. Being an actor is providing to yourself, once you are so imaginative, a campus, a field of total experimentation towards yourself.

Pro Media Mag: You have worked in more than 45 films so far. Your favorite role so far?
Alexandre Alonso: Definitely Born Splendid, where I got to play myself. This film by Lucas Acher, It was really fun and emotional. Lucas is my best friend and happens to be a film director, so he wrote this film and in the beginning, I thought it was a joke, now I see my best work realized.

Pro Media Mag: If you asked to choose one from direction, production, and acting, your choice will be? And the reason?
Alexandre Alonso: Definitely acting. It’s a call, something that really calms me out. It’s therapeutical for me, at the same time, I can still feel all those butterflies.

Pro Media Mag: Have you set some goals to achieve?
Alexandre Alonso: Balance. The balance between family and work, between arts, my goal is to grow, grow as an actor, person, artist. Never stop learning.

Pro Media Mag: Are you working on any new project?
Alexandre Alonso : In 2018 I will act on a horror film by Brazilian director Vinicius Santos.


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