Interview with 22.3 Takeover Vegas Radio Owner DJ Bad Gyrl

Interview with 22.3 Takeover Vegas Radio Owner DJ Bad Gyrl

We recently got an opportunity to interview multi-talented ‘DJ Bad Gyrl. A talented radio personality who is one of those few females who own a radio station.

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
DJ BAD GYRL : I was introduced to radio by my mentor Bruce “Commander” Garrett who is a Hall of Fame in Broadcasting. He was the executive director of Lotus Broadcasting radio station at the time. It started in Dec 2013 when I went in the radio station for a commercial for my business at the time. Bruce convinced me to be his co-host on his show at the time Nights Over Las Vegas. Fast Forward years later I own my own radio station.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to start radio station?
DJ BAD GYRL : Well, I could tell you the exact moment the idea came to my mind. I was told by an authority figure (let’s call him that) in radio that I was a cute girl I make a great radio personality I have talent BUT the industry is male dominant and it’s rare there are any female owners of stations. Basically, he was telling me I wasn’t capable of running a station. At that moment I knew I had a lot of homework to do but I took my time, did the research, wanted to set this goal and crush it. I knew I had to challenge myself. Imagine wanting to start a business and not having a blueprint. You ask people that own one and they don’t want to share with you HOW to start it. It could be very discouraging but it only made me research endlessly until I figured it out myself.
I figured it out because here we are. My dream is NOW a reality

Pro Media Mag : Any particular reasons behind the name 22.3 takeover Vegas?
DJ BAD GYRL : Yes, when I came up with the name of the radio station I wanted it to be personal to resemble me in some way but I did not want to call it (Bad Gyrl Radio or anything that close. I wanted something professional and universal that would represent a strong name, a name I stood behind. So if you look at your phone dial pad 223 is B A D which represents me. TakeOver means being in control of something. So 22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio felt right to me.
I also gave the station motto “The Station that has more FUN!” because I wanted my personalities to have fun while they are on air. So I have a disco ball and black lights and smoke machine in my station. It really gets silly during First Fridays.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you are receiving?
DJ BAD GYRL : To be honest I am so blessed. The response has been amazing. We are currently LIVE in 49 countries and the listener-ship is in the thousands I wish I could give you an exact number but it grows every day. We are getting submissions for radio shows each week. Ya know when I hear my radio personalities say the radio station it makes me little emotional. I am just so in awe of these moments.

Pro Media Mag : What is the nature of the programs on aired on your station?
DJ BAD GYRL : To see details about each show you could visit our website
We have a great variety of shows. We have two teen shows that kick butt, we have everything from Reggaeton music show to Dating Talk Show.
Starting May through the summer we have so many more starting, I’m just watching the ball roll…I am very happy.

Pro Media Mag : How does it feel to be a radio personality?
DJ BAD GYRL : I love it. It’s my passion. If I didn’t have to support myself I would honestly do it free. I love it that much.
It’s fun. Being on air I have a platform to use it to inspire others and send out that positive message. I like to make people laugh so whatever way i’m feeling I articulate that on air. I have fun.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the biggest achievement in your career so far?
DJ BAD GYRL : My biggest achievement I would say is opening this station. Not just opening but giving this platform to other talented personalities to grow from and make something out of their shows. The sky is the limit for us. I am so honored they chose my station and in return I will do my best to showcase their talent on my station. Wait, let me say this real quick my mentor Commander who started me in my career almost 5 years ago is NOW on my station, how cool is that. He has his show Nights Over Las Vegas right after mine and I am so happy I could make him proud. That is a big deal for me.

Pro Media Mag : Where do you see yourself and your radio in five years time??
DJ BAD GYRL : In 5 years, well God willing he will give me that time possibly open another radio station here in Las Vegas or elsewhere. I’d like to open a station in the Midwest where I am from. I am very confident with the amazing team I have we will be growing to some amazing heights. I am so excited what the future holds for us.

Pro Media Mag : You are a multi-talented person, are you going to stick to radio or going for any other project as well?
DJ BAD GYRL : Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I am the creative director for two clothing lines Marilyn Junkie and King Clothing so I have that going as well.
I founded the Bad Gyrl Project that helps the homeless here in Las Vegas, we make care packages and distribute them downtown Vegas.
I like to stay busy and everyone knows my schedule is tight but I will always try to keep challenging myself.

Pro Media Mag : Any thing else you would like to share with our readers?
DJ BAD GYRL : If you want to hear any of radio shows you can download these (4) apps on your Google Play Store or iOS Store
Tune In App, MixLR App, Stream Finder App, myTunerRadio App, and search us 22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio. We have such awesome talent on our roster definitely check them out. I’d like to personally thank everyone who has been so supportive from before this became a reality. My Radio Family I love you guys! Readers please check is out Follow Us on IG, Twitter, and FB. Thank you so much for this interview.

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