Internationally Accomplished Cinematographer Omar Ragab

Internationally Accomplished Cinematographer Omar Ragab

Omar Ragab is a cinematographer who has worked with all types of motion picture cameras, both digital and film and he has shot numerous films, commercials and music videos over the last few years. He is from Cairo, Egypt and is currently residing and working in Los Angeles, California. Some of the commercials he’s shot were for internationally known companies such as: Calvin Klein-pgLang, Lancome, Uber Eats, AT&T and the Army National Guard.  He also shot several music videos: Manana no Hay, Ride the Wave, Funky Fresco and Saturday Night. Omar worked with Paris Hilton on her reality show: Cooking with Paris and he was cinematographer on Master Chef Season 11; Hype House and Bling Empire Season 2. Omar is one of the truly busy cameramen in town and we’re not surprised.

Omar Loves working with film cameras even though there aren’t many camera operators who do that now. Most projects and camera operators use digital cameras now since the quality is so high and the image results they get rival film cameras. Fortunately for Omar, and the productions he shoots, he is an expert in all cameras and he knows how to operate all film and digital cameras, which is unusual these days when most people who get out of film school are only taught how to use digital and video cameras. When a project comes up that calls for digital or film to be used, then Omar is the one they call.

He has shot all types of projects and he works closely with film directors and understands that the director’s vision is what he needs to capture on film or digitally. Omar, as cinematographer, walks through the script with the director and then he must plan out every single shot way ahead of time, that is, long before an actor sets foot on the sound stage. He can’t take anything for granted because when shooting begins, the director is counting on Omar to get it right the first time. The camera lenses must be checked to make sure there is no dirt or dust or hair or anything else on them that could interfere with getting the cleanest image possible. The lighting must be flawless and set just the right mood to enhance the actors’ scenes. If it’s a moving shot or dolly shot, then there can be no bumps along the way. The shot must be as smooth as it can be. Omar is known for his professionalism and attention to detail.

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