How To Wash Sneakers Nike (Step By Step Way To Get Better Results)

How To Wash Sneakers Nike (Step By Step Way To Get Better Results)

Do you have a pair of Nike sneakers? Or have you washed your Nike sneakers but left the sneakers to smell? Well, your sneakers should also be washed regularly and keep them clean and pleasant looking.  If not this will strain bacteria which can cause skin disease. Keeping your sneakers Nike clean also smell great.

You need to pay attention to your sneakers as there is no sweat or dirt can accumulate. But many of us have no idea how to wash their sneakers. This article is a complete guide on how to wash sneakers Nike.

I hope this guidance would be very helpful for those who do not know how to go about this tricky task. Consequently, it will help you in all aspects of the job. Read on to learn more about the step by step procedure.

How to wash sneakers Nike?

Method1: (Washing your sneakers)

  1. Remove the excess dirt:

It is best to keep your shoes clean as early as possible when it gets stained. You can use a soft and clean toothbrush which helps you to clean the outsole of your sneakers. If you want to clean out the cracks and crannies of your sneakers, you then use screwdrivers, awls and small paintbrushes as well.

  1. Get ready some suds:
  •    First, you need to arrange a sink
  •    Add lukewarm water into the sink
  •    Mix some detergent powder in water (do not use too much detergent)
  •    Gently mix up the soapy liquid to prepare suds

But you need to use cold water to wash Nike Flyknits, because using warm water can damage the fabric. You can also use a mild cleanser instead of laundry detergent.

  1. Use a sponge to clean your shoes:

After using the soapy water, you need to gently scrub the dirty sections of your shoes. You can use microfiber, dry cloth or washcloth, sponge for scrubbing dirty parts of sneakers or shoes.

You should use limited water or liquid as it doesn’t get to wets than you have. Wash the soap from your shoes by using a sponge or dry cloth or microfiber cloth. Use lukewarm water and wipe the soap from your sneakers.

  1. Let them dry:

In this section, you need to let your sneakers dry. Leave them in a room (well-ventilated) to air dry. After that let them dry in a bright sunny spot to accelerate drying process. You can use a blow dryer as well. But do not put them in a dryer.

You can wrap them in a paper towel as they stay in their shape. But remember that it takes a long time to dry without airflow. Using a dryer helps them to dry fast and looking fresh enough.

Method2: (cleaning your insoles)

  1. Wet the insoles:

Take a small bowl and fill with water. Then put the insoles underwater as they soak completely. If there are any damaged parts, you need to be gentle with them.

  1. Scrub the insoles:

Add some detergent powder or dishwashing liquid in water and pour this soapy water onto the insoles. You can use a small brush or soft toothbrush to scrub them gently. You need to be carefully scrubbing the label part of the insoles.

  1. Wash the insoles:

You need to use cold water to wash the insoles. Gently doing the washing and ensure that all the soap is removed from insoles.

  1. Dry the insoles:

Place a towel over the insoles and wrap them well. When you fold the whole towel over the insoles, you then squeeze them to dry. After that leave the insoles in a well-ventilated room and let them air dry. You can also place them in front of a fan as well.

Method3 (keep your sneakers clean on the go)

  1. Carry baby wipes:

The regular cleaning makes your shoes looking new. Using baby wipe is a very smooth solution which will help you to clean your sneakers from dirt easily and quickly.

  1. Carry pencils:

If you want to remove the scuffs and scratches on the rubbery sections of your sneakers, a pencil eraser is a handy solution to do that. You just rub the eraser on the spot on your sneakers and remove any scratches.

  1. Use inserts:

You can use cardboard inserts or stiff paper when you do not wear them. You can keep your sneakers in shape using cardboard inserts or stiff paper.

  1. Replace your laces:

Placing new laces in your shoes make them look fresh enough. So get rid of the old one and replace new laces of the pair of sneakers.


Having dirt and smelly shoes is a huge problem that you need to stop at any cost. I hope this guide about how to wash sneakers Nike would be the current solution to do just that. It would be quite helpful to you to wash sneakers Nike if you follow the above-mentioned step by step procedure. So you may think about this method of washing process to make your shoes looking smart and fresh.


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