How to Prevent Bra Spillage – Most Common Problems and Solutions

How to Prevent Bra Spillage – Most Common Problems and Solutions

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It’s only common for women to want to know how to prevent bra spillage. Because the problem of bosoms spilling out, I’m certain, was prevalent among women back in the 18th century too. But let’s fast forward to the 21st century, that is now. So how do you now avoid the unsightly appearance and uncomfortable feeling of your boobs playing peek-a-boo?

Here’s everything you need to know about side spillage meaning. Along with why and how it happens and what you should do to prevent it.

Why Do Breasts Spill Out Of Your Bra

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Before you find out how to prevent bra spillage, first figure out why it’s happening. The overflow of your breast tissue is not because they’re larger than usual. Instead, the problem lies with the bra you’re wearing. If it’s not the best bra for side spillage, then here’s what could be wrong with it…

  • Wrong Cup Size

Are the cups too small? If yes, then it’s only natural for them to not be able to cover your breast tissue completely. Thus, paving the way for spillage at the sides and/or the top.

  • Wrong Band Size

Is the band too tight? If yes again, then how do you expect it to keep the cups from stretching farther apart! When cups excessively stretch like that, it results in the edges digging into your bosoms.

  • Uneven Breast Shape

Maybe your one breast is larger or smaller than its sibling. To be honest, this is quite a common occurrence. So there’s nothing to be alarmed or ashamed about here.

Some women with uneven breasts hardly even notice this difference. But then there are those that not only notice but are highly inconvenience by it. Because then it becomes very difficult to find bra styles that fit properly.

How to Tell If Your Bra Cup Size Is Too Small – How to Measure Bra Size

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The warning sign presents itself in the form of boob spillage from the sides, front, top, or everywhere. That’s a sure marker of your cup size being too small. And you can figure out why it’s happening simply by measuring your breasts properly.

Use a measuring tape for the task. Wrap it around your chest and back where your breasts are the fullest. Note down that measurement (chest size). Now wrap the measuring tape around the region right below your breasts. And then take down that particular measurement too (under-bust size).

Now let’s do some math. Subtract the chest size (X) from the under-bust size (Y) to get your proper cup size.

  • If X minus Y = 1 inch, then your cup size is A
  • If X minus Y = 2 inches, then your cup size is B
  • If X minus Y = 3 inches, then your cup size is C
  • If X minus Y = 4 inches, then your cup size is D

And if X minus Y is equal to a higher number, then for every extra inch, add one cup size.

Here’s a video demonstration…

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How to Prevent Bra Spillage – 2 Most Common Spillage Problems and Their Solutions

#1 Breasts spilling out from the top of the bra

It could be due to incorrect band size. Does the band of your bra run smooth and straight along the back? If not, then it’s probably inching upward, which means the wrong band size. When the band size is smaller. Then it’s only unavoidable for your boobs to spill over from the top.

If it’s not the band, then it’s the cup size for sure. Too small cups as well cause top spillage. And that means going 1 size up.

But what if your band and cup size is perfect, then what’s the problem? The chances are highly likely that you have fuller, rounder breasts at the top. Hence, they demand extra coverage than your firmer bottom part of the breast tissue.

In that case, what is the best bra to avoid spillage at the top? Bras that feature full-coverage, memory foam cups. These cups, no doubt, give you a seamless, smooth fit.

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#2 Breasts spilling out from the sides of the bra

The majority of women dealing with side breast spillage have fuller or larger breasts. So how do you go about getting rid of the unflattering appearance and even uncomfortable feeling of side boob? Simply by choosing a bra designed with molded cups, which tend to push your breast tissue toward the center. And so do bras with side panels.

Even triangle-shaped, wire-free bras get the job done flawlessly. As they cover your side bulges properly.

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There’s no denying that finding the perfect bra fit is a very challenging task. I mean you have so many factors to take into account. On top of that, there are so many different bra styles that you get confused very easily. But that’s normal.

As for trying to narrow down your search, what matters the most is your correct breast size. And also the shape of your breasts. You should buy your bras based on these two very important factors. That prevent more than just side or top spillage!

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