Herbalife Reviews, Benefits, and Sourcing of Herbalife Tea Products

Herbalife Nutrition is an internationally recognized nutritional products company. They offer products based on cutting-edge technology, and extensive research and development. Herbalife products include meal replacements, protein shakes, weight management products, herbal tea, and more. 

Each product by Herbalife Nutrition is designed to deliver maximum benefits. 

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980, and since then has been on a mission to improve the nutritional habits of customers around the globe. With a distribution network that spans over 90 countries, Herbalife Nutrition is available to customers throughout the world. In 2018, Herbalife Nutrition had $4.9 Billion in net sales with over 77 million canisters of protein shakes sold worldwide. 

Herbal Tea Overview and Recipes

One of the products offered by Herbalife Nutrition is herbal tea. With the high consumption of sugary drinks, energy drinks, coffee, and other types of drink, most people do not consume adequate levels of water or drinks with high nutritional value. With herbal tea, you allow your body to hydrate while enjoying the great taste and health benefits offered by natural herbal tea products.  

Herbal tea products by Herbalife Nutrition come in a range of flavors, offering a variety to its customers. The powdered teas by Herbalife Nutrition are natural and convenient to use. With the powdered form of Herbalife Nutrition Concentrate, you can consume it in different recipes. The most basic way to consume this product is to mix it with hot water and just enjoy the flavor. You can add the powdered tea to a blender with ice to make a cool energizing drink. You can also throw in some cherries, lime, or other healthy items based on your taste and nutritional preferences. 

Herbalife Tea Concentrate 

Herbalife Nutrition tea concentrate product contains caffeine to jump-start your metabolism and providing a boost of energy. Raising your metabolic rate can help you manage your weight while feeling refreshed. The Herbalife Nutrition tea concentrate also provides antioxidant support that helps protect the cells of your body from free radicals that are known to contribute to several types of health issues. The flavors available for tea concentrate include original, lemon, raspberry, peach, and chai. This product is designed to be low-calorie while delivering maximum nutritional value. 

Herbalife Green Tea 

For hydration at any time of the day, you can consume Herbalife Nutrition green tea. This product contains no caffeine, so you can even take it before sleeping at night. Green tea is known to promote relaxation and soothe the digestive system. It has zero calories and contains no articular sweeteners, flavors, or colors. You can prepare powdered tea yourself. This gives you control over the amount of sugar you add to the drink. 

Product Sourcing 

Product sourcing is an important aspect of the overall quality of Herbalife Nutrition products. The entire tea extraction process at Herbalife Nutrition is completed with strict quality specifications. Product authenticity is also extremely important to Herbalife Nutrition, and the company takes all required precautions to minimize any adulteration of its product throughout the supply chain. For sourcing of the tea extract, Herbalife Nutrition has selected reliable and reputed tea farms and a sample from each batch of tea extract goes through a comprehensive authentication process. 

As an industry leader for healthy nutritional products, Herbalife Nutrition uses high-tech methods to maintain its high standards of quality. One of the high-tech methods used is DNA-chemical barcode libraries that allow them to perform testing of samples to confirm the authenticity, origin, and quality of each botanical sample. This minimizes the chances of contamination or food fraud.

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