Have A Graceful Graduation Day With Handcrafted Kente Stoles

Have A Graceful Graduation Day With Handcrafted Kente Stoles

Kente cloth is a specialty of Ghana.There is story behind this but here our focus will be on Kente clothing line we recently came across. The store has a verity of kente cloth made products that mainly include Stoles and folding hand fans.I am actually inspired by their stoles.

They are offering graduation and fraternity or sorority kente stoles. These are quality stoles and will give you a graceful look on your graduation day. Graduation day is a big day in life of a student and ending the memorable college days with a kente stole on will surely make it more memorable.

The stoles are available in different colors and prints. For quality we don’t need to mention anything as being made of Kente cloth is enough. Apart from high quality these are highly affordable too. Ranging in the price of $35 with free shipping on eligible orders.


All these stoles are made in Ghana. And these are handcrafted. Yes the African art on these stoles is handcrafted that’s why these are so special. So checkout the complete range of these kente cloth stoles.



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