Gerald D. Johnson talks about the books he wrote

Gerald D. Johnson talks about the books he wrote

Gerald D. Johnson from Mobile, AL. an author of two books, the urban young adult fiction Unbrekable Bond, and the most recent children novel The Eye to my Storms.

We are sharing our recent interview with him.

Gerald D. Johnson

Pro Media Mag : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Gerald D. Johnson : I started my career after I completed college in December 2011. I graduated with a BA in Communication in hopes to work in Journalism or TV. However, like some college students, I couldn’t find a job in my field. Therefore, I decided to go ahead and pursue my first love and that was creative writing. I always vison myself sharing stories. I felt like it was my gift.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into writing?
Gerald D. Johnson : Well, when I was younger my mom said I use to cry for a book. Now, I’m writing them! So, I guess it was always inside of me to write. One of my first books I read was “Tears of a Tiger,” by Sharon M. Draper. I was compelled to write then because I wanted to express the same raw emotion. I’m also inspired by the playwright August Wilson. His word usage is so incredible to me.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us more about your recent release, children novel ‘The Eye to my Storms‘?
Gerald D. Johnson : I wrote “The Eye to my Storms” because I wanted to encourage and inspire youth to be different and to face their own challenges. That it is okay to not fall into the social norm. The main character is 10-years-old Jo-Jo Farris and throughout the story he finds out how strong and brave he really is, despite the obstacles that came his way. It also expresses the importance of family bonding.

Pro Media Mag : Who are your target readers, only children or it will be equally interesting for adults as well?
Gerald D. Johnson : I am not an author who have just one genre, although a 10-year-old tells the story of “The Eye to My Storm,” is is written for all ages to enjoy. I more so like to call is a “Family Novel,” instead of a Children’s novel.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
Gerald D. Johnson : Responses have been great so far.

Pro Media Mag : What about your first book the urban young adult fiction ‘Unbrekable Bond’?
Gerald D. Johnson : “Unbrekable Bond” was published in 2013. I wanted to tell a story about two Black teens who are best-friends. They sticked together through the rough times despite of thier troubling community. I wanted to inspire young teens/adults to make positive decisons. They held it together even though everything around them seemed to be falling apart. I wanted to express something positive, something Black youth can look up to.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being a writer?
Gerald D. Johnson : Telling stories in a unique way and entertaining people’s emotions. It’s opportunity to step into the world of the characters and tell stories from many perspectives.

Pro Media Mag : Doing anything else apart from writing?
Gerald D. Johnson : I like spending time with family. I wish I could travel more, but that’s the plan.

Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any new project?
Gerald D. Johnson : Yes, my next book, “Alabama Sunrise” will be out in December 2019. It’s about the dysfunctional, outspoken Walker family. The darkest secret broke the generation curse.

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