Fresh Face Daily Cleansing Water A Perfect Skin Care Solution

Fresh Face Daily Cleansing Water A Perfect Skin Care Solution

My skin always gets rough and oily in winter. Tried too many face solutions, cleansing creams, face wash and natural methods but nothing suits my skin in cold weather. Natural methods were quite effective but still no up to the mark. Last December My cousin came from US. She is in touch with beauticians there. So I asked her about my problem. She gave me a water with some solution, it was a blue bottle and Fresh Face Daily Cleansing Water was written on it, by a company ‘Exquisite Concepts’. On asking she told me that the girl in the beauty saloon she goes in NY recommended this to her.

I am usually reluctant in trying something new on my skin as my skin is very sensitive and anything that don’t suit it leaves marks or bad effects on my skin. So before using I searched for Exquisite Concepts Website on the net and got to know that although it was a new company but seems promising and reliable. They also had one more product for skin care name ‘Shea Butter’. Then I checked the ingredients of the cream as I am very conscious about the ingredient of a product. The ingredients used in the skin products of Exquisite Concepts were natural too.

Fresh Face Daily Cleansing Water

So after being satisfied the next step was to try it on myself. I started to use it couple of times a day early in the morning and before going to sleep. After a couple of weeks my skin was feeling some good change. It wasn’t oily any more and it become smoother ( That’s very rare for my skin particularly in cold weather).  Fresh Face Daily Cleansing Water bottle was finished. So before ordering the next one I waited to see if there is any side effects. But nothing even after a month. So I was glad that finally I found something that’s very effective for skin problems. I ordered a couple of more bottles for myself and also recommend to my readers to try Fresh Face Daily Cleansing Water or Shea Butter by Exquisite Concepts as they are natural and very effective.



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