Five Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Five Ways to Promote Your Business Online

When you plan to set up a business, the main thing that concerns you is the promotion of it. If nobody knows about your business, it won’t flourish. Starting a business requires talent, a good product, trust and a lot of promotion. Even a well-established business needs a constant reminder to their owner that they exist. In the vast ground of internet, it is important that you keep reminding your customer about your brand and keep them up to date with your products. For start-ups and small business, advertising on a huge scale would not be feasible. Promoting your business online is a smart choice.

Here are five ways to promote your business online:

1. Social Media
Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc are a great way to network and promote your business. They give you a huge platform to showcase your product, tell them why you’re unique and even engage in a conversation with potential customers. Facebook and other social media ads let you target an audience in a specific location. It also gives your potential customer a way to review and see what you have to offer before choosing your brand. Social media marketing is cheap and you can analyse and see how well your business is reaching out to your audience.

2. Content Marketing
Engaging with your customer makes them trust your brand. If a consumer regularly sees a video, a blog or another engagement that has your brand name, they will become familiar with it. This will make them trust your business and be more aware of your brand name. Content marketing is making and sharing content that does not directly promote your brand but gives some information about your product and services. These subtle promotions are more interesting than advertisement as there is other information involved and are more compelling. Content marketing can be done in various ways. It involves making videos that are informational and using top keywords in your industry. This also increases your SEO ranking.

3. Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your online visibility and improves your ranking among other web pages. It basically means that if a potential customer searches about a product which your brand offers, having a good SEO ranking will show your web page on the top of the results. This would attract more potential customers who would convert into a loyal customer. There are many ways through which SEO ranking can be improved. Making your website mobile friendly and posting content that has keywords also helps you in increasing your rank. You can also get your business listed in local business directories. SEO is a slow process but in a world of constant googling, it gives your brand a good recognition.

4. Email Marketing
The ever-increasing number of social media platform makes the email look a lot less attractive, but they are still a really good platform to convert your potential buyers into your loyal customers. Sending out personalized email keeps your customer in touch with you. To take advantage of email marketing, you need to have a list of email address that can be interested in your products. Email marketing also lets you update your potential buyers about any new product and service. Talking about emails, you can also set up calls to action in your team’s email signature. This makes it easier for a customer to contact you.

5. Google my business account
One of the easiest ways to get your business noticed is making a Google my business account. While Search engine optimization might take a lot of time and effort, getting your business listed on Google my business account makes your business listed on Google maps and search. This makes it convenient for someone who is looking for your product. This also makes it easier for your customers to review your product. Reviews are a great word of mouth advertisement which in turn increases your customer base. Make sure you keep your address and numbers up to date to never miss a potential client.
While all these might be a great promotion strategy, listening to your customer is the best strategy. Knowing your customers demand and providing them with the same will make your business worth it.

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