Express yourself with Mellow Xtra Tshirts

Express yourself with Mellow Xtra Tshirts

There are plenty of ways to express yourself but none better then expressing through your apparel. A recently launched t-shirt brand Mellow Xtra has made it easier for the girls to express themselves in a way they want to. Mellow xtra is a mix of moods and almost even feelings that the modern woman might experience on a daily basis in regards to how she might/might not present herself to others.


There are currently three designs in t-shirt available on the store including Girl Power, Poder Feminino and Pouvois des Filles. Beautifully designed with excellent and attractive color combination used in printing. Color variations also available so that you can order the color you desire more.

Price wise the tshirts are very affordable, only $24. Once you will look deeply into the designs and meaning behind these you will definitely order one for yourself. Although all three designs are superb but the one I really like is ‘Girl Power’. You want to show what girl power is, put the girl power on.

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