Exclusive Interview With Amia Franz; She Announces FB Live Event For Dec 12th at 7pm CST

Exclusive Interview With Amia Franz; She Announces FB Live Event For Dec 12th at 7pm CST

We had an exclusive interview with Amia Franz about her life, music career and particularly about her upcoming FB Live Event on Dec 12th at 7pm CST.


Pro Media Mag : Amia, You started playing violin at 7 years of age. Is this true?
I have loved music and art .probably since the first note I heard and understood as a baby! In the attack of the house I grew up in, lay an old violin that dad never played that his dad gave him. It needed a lot of work to get it in good playing order! I didn’t know that at 7 years old when I would sneak up to the attack, dust off the case and practice playing it like I saw violinists on TV. One day, Mom was standing at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the attack and heard me playing familiar melodies to some simple kids songs on the violin. It was then that she knew that I had an ear for music.
I had no formal training until I took lessons later on in my teens under the concert mistress of the Albany Symphony. I didn’t know at 7 years that I was born with an innate understanding of music but my family and I knew my love for music was most important to me!  I never forgot what my music teacher wrote in my year book “ Never forget your music… one day it will be the most important thing in your life

Pro Media Mag : What major artists would you compare your current music to?

I have a bigger list (current and legendary) than what I listen mostly to. I am partial to Alternative Pop, Pop Soul, Neo Soul, Funk, Soft Rock and I love contemporary Smooth jazz/fusion music. I am influenced by music artist whose music I feel and in touch with emotionally. So I would have to say that the artists that I listen to and write my music in similar sound style are Sade, Simply Red, new artist Daley, Aretha Franklin, Prince, Mariah Carey vocal style and high notes. I also play solo guitar parts I write or jam with musicians. So I listen a lot to instrumental music compositions by artists like  Paul Hardcastle, Brian Culberson, BB King, Eric Clapton and Johnny Lange. As a guitar player, I don’t consider myself a power player. I play more by ear than what I continue to study on the guitar so I develop solos based also on what sounds good to me.

Pro Media Mag : Who is your favorite musician or type of music?


Pro Media Mag : We just went through a heated election. Who did you vote for and why?

On my @amiasingersongs page I state…”Forget Politics….let love lead” Generally I hate politics in any form, but feel it’s important for people to vote to have their voice heard!  So …I mainly focus on music and Love on and offline. I feel strongly about the Constitution and choosing Political Leaders that at least closely follow it. Less government and more We the People in how a President leads. I felt this year that Donald Trump was the best choice.

Pro Media Mag : Do you believe God plays a role in your career?

Absolutely! In fact, I know he is leading me and my DLR team in the decisions and activities I choose. He is my CEO in all areas of my life.

Pro Media Mag : I hear you’re planning a FB Live Chat. Can you tell us more about that?

The FB Live Chat is going to be a chance for me and my publicist to talk with fans about the music I am releasing December 8th on the Diamond Life Records label I signed with this year. Paul Cooke of Sade fame is the owner and executive producer of my music along with other producers we chose to work with on my projects. The songs are a cross section of re-releases of music I wrote in 2011, co-written with Paul and others and some cover tunes. I also will be announcing and giving fans the link to my youtube channel where they can listen to my unplugged singing of a few Holiday songs…one song dedicated to my mother passing this past February 2016. My publicist and I have some surprises for fans that attend the FB event so I want to encourage new and current fans to come by to chat with me!

Pro Media Mag : Where can people find you online?

The event page for the FB Live is:

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