Exclusive Interview With Actress and Inspirational Mind Power Lady ‘Dr. Angela Wilson’

Exclusive Interview With Actress and Inspirational Mind Power Lady ‘Dr. Angela Wilson’

Pro Media Mag: Our guest today is Dr. Angela Wilson, Known as Mind Power Lady. She is the world’s first lifecycle-focused mind matrix specialist, transcendence expert, humanitarian activist, and celebrity interviewer. 

She interviewed Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, George Ross, Donald Trump’s right-hand man, Sophia Stewart, the writer behind Movie The Matrix

She is also a global peace & civility ambassador, a serial entrepreneur working in different industries, an investment risk consultant, certified training provider, international speaker, actress, and more. 

You have a lot of impressive titles, Dr You look pretty differently and younger since our last interview, Dr. Welcome to our interview today.

We love to hear how you made it all these happened in a short period.

Dr Angela Wilson: It is my pleasure to share my story with your readers. I always live in my dream because I hold a secret formula and unlocked the hidden mental energy power. For example, I pick up energy of different persona needed and an other energy form to reverse my physical function.

Pro Media Mag : You surely had a long journey to reach this level of success. What kind of barrier have you overcome so far? 

Dr Angela Wilson: Honestly, the barriers we usually talk about are just the subjective perceptions our mind created to trigger us possibly to go wrong. There is no barrier but a subtle awareness and proper action to respond to the energy change in the environment. 

Pro Media Mag : You are a regular guest of media interviews. I noticed that you talked about dealing with sexual desire, the connection between intimacy and ambition on some radio shows. 

Dr Angela Wilson: You see, once you master the hidden secret in the inaccessible part of the mind, life becomes a fun game. All desires come from the same source. Napoleon Hill talked about sex transmutation in his book “Think And Grow Rich”. I go beyond that and my secret formula covers the whole life journey from birth to death life cycle; sexual energy is just a small part of it. 

Pro Media Mag : You don’t like the political games but you are a political member, and you are in many photos with the prime minister, ministers in different countries, senators, mayors, political events, etc. What is the mindset behind it?

Dr Angela Wilson: A very good question. You know I figured out life’s purpose is far beyond satisfaction on the six senses. 

I used to follow my doctoral parents on their daily routine like a shadow.

I could not sleep well at night after having seen enough suffering premature death from the powerful and the rich to the vulnerable and the poor. I started to worry that my future and destiny, as a life living in the sense of uncertainty and heading nowhere, don’t make sense to me. 

I crashed the code on how to make the most of what I can get in this life and take them with me when I leave here. That can happen only by active participation in dynamic social environment.

Pro Media Mag : You are also an activist promoting animal welfare while you don’t encourage people blindly to go vegan or vegetarian. Am I right?

Dr Angela Wilson: Yes, I promote animal welfare to help animals as negative energy can be created when they suffer emotionally. However, the ecosystem operates at multi-dimensional levels, and the blind suggestion can trigger unnecessary energy flow. You never know how it ends up. So I only guide my students to escape the problems if they don’t want to be the victims.

Pro Media Mag : Why do you say global peace comes from each global citizen’s internal peace?

Dr Angela Wilson: The wars, crimes, discriminations, political corruption, holistic health issues are all created by the mind.

The part of the mind most of us don’t know how to access triggers our belief and emotions into a wrong perception of insecurity and traps individuals into predestination -the paradox of suffering and success.

A collective of insecure minds amplify the misery on earth.

Pro Media Mag : Your point of view in life is very profound. No wonder why you are known for “truly has your hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find.”

What is the key message you want to share with our readers?

Dr Angela Wilson: If you want to be the real boss of your destiny, you have to access the unknown part of the mind, and real freedom begins only when it happens. 

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to contact you if the fans want to know your secret formula?

Dr Angela Wilson: I release the formula at www.PathToLiberty.com

After signing up, you can see all information needed. 

I am also reachable at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindpowerlady/ and https://www.facebook.com/mindpowerlady

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