Everything you want to know about Feminine Intimate Care Product ‘Jil Gyung Yi’

Everything you want to know about Feminine Intimate Care Product ‘Jil Gyung Yi’

Jil Gyung Yi is one of the most useful and incredible product created for the better intimate health of the women. The problem faced by majority of the women. You can’t have a better solution then what Jil Gyung Yi has for you. As we have majority of female readers on our website that’s why we contacted people at Jil-Gyung-Yi to have a thorough understanding of this product. Here is our what we have got for you.


Fist of all, please introduce yourself to readers ?
Jil-Gyung-Yi is an outstanding product for females’ intimate health, based on self-purification system through stimulating Lactobacillus. Jil-Gyung-Yi is now reaching further across the world, delivering our passion toward female’s healthy life.

Who or what inspired you to launch “jil-gyung-yi”
Jil-Gyung-Yi was created by a true love. Our CEO’s wife suffered from vaginitis. Her body got ruined slowly by antibiotics and anti-mycotic prescribes. She repeated the same prescribes and treatments, getting stressed and exhausted… The CEO, Won Seog Choi, couldn’t just watch her hardship, so he decided to invent Jil-Gyung-Yi which is based on self-purification system without antibiotics and anti-mycotic methods. As an answer to his true love toward his wife, Jil-Gyung-Yi became the most famous Feminine Cleanser in South Korea, hitting 10 million dollar domestic sales revenue. Now HAUDONGCHUN Co., Ltd. is ready to jump into the global market.

What are the main benefits of this product?
The main efficacy of Jil-Gyung-Yi is refreshing and deodorizing females’ intimate area by stimulating Lactobacillus. While stimulating, it creates sound environment which leads to vaginal self-purification. Ji Gyung Yi treats vaginitis, vaginal laxity, and vaginal xerosis by self-purification system.

Can you please explain the method of use of this product to our reader?
As I mentioned above, Jil Gyung Yi’s vaginal self-purification method is based on stimulating Lactobacillus. Most doctors prescribe Lactobacillus or anti-biotics to vaginitis patients. However, Jil Gyung Yi doesn’t contain Lactobacillus but prey for Lactobacillus, which is made of natural ingredients. When Lactobacillus get stimulated, women’s vagina creates a proper PH level without any chemicals or anti-biotics. The proper PH level purifies women’s vagina automatically. As you can see, the method deserves be praised as “Orientalism for Women’s health.”

Is there any age limit or any other kind of usage restriction for certain type of women/women with certain diseases?
Actually there is no limit of age. However, I recommend to use the product after 4. It shouldn’t be used before giving a birth since Jil Gyung Yi would contract the vagina. Moreover, if you have STD, I recommend you to stop using the product because there is a possibility of stimulating STD virus.

Are there any after effects/ side effects of using this product?
Vagina’s condition is various just like your body condition. You may feel burn since the product contains Peppermint extract. If you feel the burning, reduce the usage from 2 tablets to 1, and wash your vagina with clean water. There is no side effect of using this product.

We have noticed you have a YouTube Channel ‘JGY Global TV’. What was the motivation behind launching it and what kind of videos you share on it?
‘JGY Global TV’ is made for introducing the product and enhancing women’s health all over the world. You will see how to use the product and its efficacy through the channel.

How to buy these tablets? Are these available online only or on chemists shops as well?
You can order the products through Ebay, Amazon, or our website: https://jgy-global.com/.

Q. What’s the best way to stay updated about the product online?
A. You can stay updated with the newest contents and information about Jil-Gyung-Yi by subscribing YouTube Channel or the official website or our by following us on Facebook

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