Everything You Need To Know About Your Trip To Bryce Canyon

Everything You Need To Know About Your Trip To Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Southern Utah features some of the most outstanding scenery available across the globe, and there simply is no place like it. Bryce Canyon National Park offers travelers an extensive list of activities, so try to get some idea of what you’d like to do before you get to the site. You can choose from a list of archery, ATV tours, biking, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and rock climbing to name but a few. There’s so much to learn about the canyon and surrounding areas, and to maximize your knowledge, try and seek a guided tour when you’re there. Below are the key areas you need to consider before booking your trip:


Take some time to decide how you’re going to stay in Bryce Canyon, whether you’re going to camp, stay in a log cabin, B&B or a hotel. The choice is yours, but make sure you weigh up your options before deciding. If your trip to Utah is a once in a lifetime expedition, then you’ll want every element to be perfect. Browse through the list of hotels, and try to choose one that is near to the best spots in the park, or at least your favorite views. Bear in mind, that you’re going to be exhausted after a long time of climbing and trekking through the heat of the day, so choose a place with suitable facilities to enjoy a long soak in a bubble bath and a comfortable night’s sleep atop a mattress rather than a groundsheet.


Be sure to sample some of the West’s best authentic dining when you’re at Bryce Canyon. Look through to see which restaurants serve the food that most appeals to you, and plan to head there for dinner after a physically demanding afternoon climbing the park’s peaks. You certainly can work up an appetite, so decide whether to dine at buffet style places or to enjoy a sit-down gourmet meal to gain back your strength.


There’s so much to see amongst the steep red cliffs of Bryce Canyon National Park, and there’s a very clear reason why an estimated two million people visit the site each year. The park is simply staggeringly beautiful, and the sheer size of it becomes apparent when standing from the top of several vantage points in the area. One such spot is Sunset Point, which overlooks sweeping canyon views and russet rock hoodoo formations. If you’re keen to get out hiking and trekking, then you must incorporate this view into your climbing plans – you’d be silly not to!


Some wildlife present in the area is unique to the Bryce Canyon National Park. Getting to see some of the species could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially since three of them are now on the endangered list. Don’t miss out on the experience, and be sure to take the time to explore the canyon and surrounding trails thoroughly. If you’re an avid photographer, then consider taking your sturdiest tripod and most resilient resolve with you to try and capture an image of some of the landscape’s most rarely seen and skittish creatures. Doing so will be thrilling, and you’ll have the memory to keep forever.

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