Everything you need to know about clothing brand Silverback Group

Everything you need to know about clothing brand Silverback Group

We recently had a conversation with founder and CEO of clothing brand Silverback group.

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
SBG : Silverback group is a trendy futuristic brand producing quality Sweatshirts, Tracksuits, Windbreakers, Dad Hats and niche merchandises such as environmental friendly cups for events, coin purses and wallets. It’s vibrant and cool classic style of design has generated a significant appeal to the trendy ‘cool’ folks.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to launch your clothing brand?
SBG : Making a difference, producing premium quality clothing for affordable prices, we all cool kids in the environment I grew up in, everybody I went school with, had some sort of style, I believe it could be the influence of the hiphop & R&b culture.

We always wanted the Sean john’s Enyce’s, rocawear’s Akademiks, Karlkani, some fresh pair of Nike aiR’S You know, or some reeboks or air max’s, you’re good.

we were young we didn’t really care much about Gucci or any high end brand, we just wanted to look like our favourite rappers, singers etc.

I have always been creative with my style, before the brand, I would customise my kicks, spray paint my t shirts, I remember wearing my clothes front to back like kiss Kross, we just dared and did what we wanted to do.

I am inspired to dare with the clothing line, and ensure every person can afford it, at least a hat or a t shirt, you know me, a lot upcoming brands set their prices high, thinking people will perceive their products as better or premium because of the price.

I rather not you know,I rather everyone has a piece of the pie.

Pro Media Mag : Any particular reason behind naming it ‘SILVER BACK GROUP’ ?
SBG : Our first collection was name ‘Aapie’ wear which is pronounced ‘Aaah Pee’, a dutch word meaning ape. The idea was influenced by the phenomenal character Caesar of ‘Planet of the Apes.

Adult male mountain gorillas are called Silverbacks because of the silver saddle of hair on their backs. They have a stocky build, with a broad chest, long muscular arms and wide feet and hands.

Gorillas live in groups. Each gorilla family has a ‘Silverback’ as leader who protects them and scares away other animals. Their habitat is being destroyed when people use the land for farming and the trees for fuel.

The silverback Gorilla is the most endangered species of Gorilla. We are motivated to perhaps donate to foundations that help protect these species.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your key products?
SBG : Flavours clothing is simply fantastic
I wish every person in the world can have feel of it, own a sweatshirt or a tracksuit or a hat at least.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
SBG :It been remarkable, I mean the first launch was great, everything sold out, it was in the summer it was a good vibe, people from all kind of backgrounds supported. But this recent launch, Flavours clothing, happened right in the midst of the pandemic.

However people still been supporting, I am super grateful, we are all.
Hopefully it continues and get even better and bigger.

Pro Media Mag : What about your shipping? You are shipping your products to some limited region/areas?
SBG : We ship worldwide, we are currently doing free delivery in the UK.

Pro Media Mag : What’s up next? Adding more products in future?
SBG : yeah I think we hope to have juice bar, you know flavours juice bar, that would be nice for the community, offer employment and healthy options of diet.With the clothing we got coin bags, headbands, visors, stance socks, coming in the summer.

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